We started CG Motoparts out of one "lazy" thought. We used to ride everywhere and enjoy motorcycle touring once we were in spare time. Once on the way to Tibet, when we stopped by a fuel station again, the "lazy" thought came into my mind: if only we could have more fuel storage, then we didn't need to stop by stations frequently. When I told the thought to fellow dudes, one answered maybe I could add a portable fuel container at the rear side of my bike. I thought for a while and felt like that it's too trouble to pour the fuel from the extra container to the main fuel tank... Then, we restarted our journey.


That's the origin of aux-fuel tanks from CG Motoparts. A "lazy" idea makes us get together, begin to research and develop about this item, and then give birth to CG Motoparts.

Along the way

More and more appreciations of riders gave us great encouragement. We put more effort into trying to develop more auxiliary fuel tanks for more models. Meanwhile, we also share other parts and accessories for motorcycles on our website.

In a nutshell

We want to be a supplier for motorcycle enthusiasts, to supply the best for motorcycle tours!

Appreciations from Customers


Superbe invention !!!!

trop bien ce système de réservoir additionnel. Il suffisait d'y penser et ils l'ont fait ! Bravo à eux et encore merci.

Laurent ROGER



Great product.. Will enjoy extended mileage on this one.




As described 👍🏼👍🏼

Taher Kadiyine

United States


Bon matériel

J'enlève une étoile parce qu'il n'y a pas de notice de montage.
Réservoir reçu après pas mal d'attente mais produit très bien emballé.
Produit de bonne qualité, à voir avec le temps.
Très bon contact avec CGmotopart, très réactif, répond très vite aux mails. Il est prévu que l'on en commande un second.

Pascal Jouret



I travel 195km my tank still full

It working good

Alex Gay