Why the DL250 is the right choice for an entry-level adventure tourer

Why the DL250 is the right choice for an entry-level adventure tourer

This is an adventure tourer that gives city dwellers the peace of mind to get started with NUMBER ONE.
If you were asked to choose a motorcycle that can accompany you for about ten years, what would you choose? I believe many people will blurt out: "Choose Suzuki's DL250."
This problem has troubled batch after batch of urban cyclists. For these people, a motorcycle is not only a toy, but also a companion on the road to and from get off work, and a tool to realize inner poetry and distant dreams. This also prompts everyone to not only consider entertainment, but also the durability and stability of the vehicle when choosing a car. Whether it is to sign and swipe the card to successfully pick up the car, or to politely decline on the grounds of wait and see.

Under the constraints of the above factors, the DL250 was naturally pushed to this position - an entry-level touring car for urban people. Wen Neng can travel for short distances, Wu Neng can travel far, and at the same time, it can also take into account the reliability and reliability.

Supporting the reality of the DL250 car is its two characteristics in terms of its own quality.
1. Engine: no oil pick, stable.
2. Cross cradle frame, durable.
The two-cylinder water-cooled engine from Suzuki is already well-known in the motorcycle circle for its durability. Although it has a compression ratio of 11.5:1, it really only needs 92-grade gasoline to drive thousands of miles, no matter if you are in the north and south of the motherland. If you have a horse that can eat coarse grains, you don't need to worry about finding high-grade fuel.

The cradle-type frame, which is in the same vein as the Suzuki Three Musketeers, also adds a lot to the durability of the vehicle. It sacrifices light weight and uses several steel pipes for sturdiness and durability. Cradle frames also do not require the engine to be part of the frame's forces. In the event of an emergency, it can save you maintenance costs when it is small; when it is big, it can let your car continue to complete the journey with you to the maximum extent.

Most of the people who want to go out on motorcycle tours are people whose minds are imprisoned by big cities. Except for the two-point and one-line day after day, they neither have time to study their hobbies, nor do they have much opportunity to learn about mechanical maintenance. practice. In this case, a car that saves worry and effort will obviously be of great help to everyone's travel plans.

The name of the DL250 is also born with two aspects of inheritance.
1. Word of mouth from GW250.
2. Family design derived from DL series.
The motorcycle circle is also polarized. Outside the circle are often famous brands, such as Honda, Harley, and BMW; while inside the circle are well-known models, such as R1250GS, GW250.
The GW250, which was unveiled in 2011, has won the appreciation of the market with its unique two-cylinder water-cooled engine, and in that era when the model classification was not yet comprehensive, it has been regarded as a travel by many people due to its reliable and durable special effects. The situation was not improved until the DL250 with the same engine as it appeared in 2017.

As a refined product of the market, the DL250 also naturally took over the title of GW250.

Using the same engine as the GW250, it is naturally recognized by most people in terms of stability. In addition, the DL250 is more sophisticated than the GW in terms of long-distance travel. Not only is the sitting position more suitable for long-distance motorcycle travel, but the feature of bringing three boxes with it also eliminates the cumbersome and inconvenience caused by subsequent modifications.

And in terms of appearance, the DL250 also inherits the family-style design of its own V-STROM. At first glance, you will never feel that this car has anything to do with the old ugly tao (even with its big brother DL650, it still has the same purpose) , which is also unattainable for similar models.

Summary: The DL250 has not undergone major facelifts or upgrades since its launch, but the stories related to its reputation are widely circulated among motorcycle friends like nursery rhymes. There are all kinds of criticisms about it in terms of power. Stable and durable" was briefly mentioned. Although it does not have the power of a single-cylinder car, it will definitely keep you away from the irritability caused by numbness in your hands and feet during long-distance motorcycle trips. If you want to find a motorcycle that can take you all over the country within a limited budget, there is nothing wrong with choosing the DL250. There may be models with larger displacement and more power at the same price to interfere. Your choice of vehicle, but when the price of the DL250 drops, those worries will disappear. The cheapest and most stable twin-cylinder 250 adventure wagon is still the family of Haojue.

To sum up, people who are not sure about their own hands-on ability and do not want to work hard on the car, it is better to choose a solid and durable DL250, and then change to a large-displacement motorcycle after their own technology is developed. It's not too late for a car. After all, to explore the distance, the most important thing is not performance, but sturdiness and durability.
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