When choosing motorcycle tour equipment, don't forget the protective gear

When choosing motorcycle tour equipment, don't forget the protective gear

Going out for riding, whether it is a short-distance trip or a long-distance motorcycle tour, whenever you go out on a bike, you must wear riding equipment. Of course, in addition to the basic riding equipment such as helmets, riding clothes, and riding gloves, the following are the riding protective gear that everyone has organized, qualified riders can also start a set. After all, riding is risky, and it is very necessary to do enough safety protection.

Built-in protective gear
A complete set of riding protective gear includes: front and back guards, elbows and shoulders gear, knees and outer thighs gear, and some neck and waist guards.
When traveling, we may encounter accidents. When we drop or are impacted during riding, the built-in protective gear can play the role of buffering and energy absorption.
The built-in protective gear is mainly arranged on the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips and other joints, as well as the back parts of the body that are prone to direct collision with the ground or bikes in the event of an accident.

Back and Spine Protection
The main function of the back protector is to protect the spine. The importance of the spine goes without saying. The back protector is to prevent sharp objects from hurting the back and spine in an accident. There are generally two types of backboards, one is the backpack type Yes, that is, there are fastening straps to fix it on the body, and the other is to put it in the back panel pocket reserved for cycling jackets.

Knee pads
Riding in summer, many riders can't wait to wear shorts and go out. In fact, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, riding will cause great damage to the knees. You must know that the old cold legs are not only the weather It is caused by cold and cold, so the protection of the knees must not be ignored, so it is very necessary to choose a knee pad.

We have finished talking about some built-in protective gear above. In some special periods, the following are indispensable during our riding process.

Electric heating vest
The electric heating vest is also a very practical winter riding equipment. The cold in winter is not only the decrease in temperature, but the most important thing is the icy cold wind that blows along with the extremely low temperature.
As an active heating equipment, the electric heating vest does not need too high power. It can use its own power supply or vehicle power supply. When it is turned on, it can continue to heat up and give our body enough heat to ensure that we will not be impacted by cold wind during riding.

Heated handle
Regarding electric heated handlebars, it has also been relatively common in motorcycle equipment over the years. Some motorcycle manufacturers even configure this equipment into new models, but most motorcycles with low and medium displacement are not equipped.
But it doesn't matter, the production of electric heating handles is relatively mature in recent years, and it is relatively convenient to buy.

We must not be afraid of trouble when riding, wear riding equipment and riding protective gear before going out. Of course, these protective gears are not just a matter of buying a set according with wishes. After all, you get what you pay for. When buying such products, you must choose carefully. Although the price is our key consideration, the quality of the product must be the first.
Regarding riding protective gear, senior riders, do you have any recommendations?


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