Well-balanced mid-displacement adventure motorcycle - Honda CB500X

Well-balanced mid-displacement adventure motorcycle - Honda CB500X

The multi-purpose adventure motorcycle (ADV) is almost like an SUV in the motorcycle world. They can satisfy both daily riding and taking you on trips to the ends of the earth. However, almost mainstream manufacturers focus on the development of ADV models with large displacement, but they rarely take into account in the world of small and medium displacement. Only After Honda launched the CB500X in 2013, did this displacement market begin to heat up. Although there are many ADV models with displacement between 300-650cc today, the Honda CB500X is the real pioneer in this market. So will such a motorcycle with market development significance be a sentimental motorcycle?

As a medium-sized motorcycle with a displacement of 500cc, the CB500X can still take care of your use well even if you use it for commuting. And on the 2020 model, Honda itself has made some detailed upgrades and adjustments.

The whole vehicle uses a 471cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, and with the help of the auxiliary clutch function, it is still very easy and convenient in daily operation. The neutral gear between first and second gears is very clear, and it is very easy to shift. The engine runs smoothly during the ride, delivering a maximum of 42 horsepower at 8130 rpm. Both the running quality of the engine and the power output during riding are very linear; and thanks to the technical precipitation of Honda, the vibration suppression of the whole vehicle is very well controlled. It performs well no matter at idle or while riding. The 17.4L fuel tank volume combined with the good fuel consumption control of the whole vehicle, the bike can last about 450km with a tank of fuel.

When facing some potholes or bumpy road sections, the rebound of the 41mm front fork and single rear shock absorber as well as damping adjustment  is very comfortable, and the overall adjustment feels softer. If you are riding with more potholes, you still need to adjust the preload in advance. The 19-inch front wheel and 17-inch cast-aluminum wheels provide better passability, making it more comfortable to ride on dirt roads than on gravel and potholes; the tires come standard with Dunlop Trailmax Mixtours.

The seat height of the motorbike is 830mm, and the opening direction between the four corners of the seats is ergonomically designed. Combined with the setting of the handlebars and pedals, it is very comfortable whether you are riding in a sitting position or standing. There is no need to bend over to ride when standing up.

In terms of braking, the front 320mm single disc is equipped with Nissin dual-piston calipers, and the rear 240mm equipped with Nissin single-piston calipers. The light group uses all LED light sources, and the front face also has a small bird's beak, which also highlights the ADV style. The original windshield height of the 500X is suitable for daily riding, and riders do not need to make other modifications after getting it. The bike features an LCD liquid crystal dashboard, which supports the display of information such as gear, speed, time, and rotation speed, and can also quickly switch to display different information.

Finally, as a medium-displacement adventure motorcycle, although there are no particularly prominent advantages or disadvantages, the overall performance is balanced and the quality control is first-class.


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