Want to Ride for a Trip? List of Essential Supplies Comes

Want to Ride for a Trip? List of Essential Supplies Comes
For friends who like to travel and motorcycles, motorcycle touring should be the happiest thing in life! However, unlike driving cars, motorcycles have more risks in terms of loading space, comfort, and especially riding safety. Be sure to check the bike and prepare the equipment before going out.

1. Riding safety
Plan your route reasonably
First of all, when you have time to travel, you can decide the route and destination of your motorcycle trip according to your own preferences and time. At the same time, you should also check whether your motorcycle is suitable according to the actual road conditions and the length of the trip. For example, if there are many bad roads, ADV models are more suitable, and if there are fewer gas stations in remote areas, you should try to choose a model with a larger fuel tank capacity.
Some people who "jump on the bandwagon" from the Internet and travel alone, and they cannot solve dangerous situations by themselves. To be honest, if it is a long-distance multi-day trip, try to travel together as much as possible, so that there are people on the road to watch the scenery together, and there are people who take care of dangerous situations, so as to ensure the safety of motorcycle riding.
Be sure to prepare the bike and people's documents when you set off, including driver's license, ID card and bike insurance policy. If possible, it is best to buy a short-term travel accident insurance separately.

Check the vehicle in advance
It is particularly important that the bike is reliable and does not break down when riding, so before departure, especially if the bike has not been ridden for a long time, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the bike. Including whether the brake fluid, engine oil, and antifreeze are in good condition or missing, whether there are studs in the tires, whether the battery is depleted and whether the shift lever and brake lever are loose, etc. In a word, it must be confirmed that the bike can be used reliably.

Bike tools
When it comes to inspecting and repairing your bike, a well-rounded kit is a must. At least there are commonly used Phillips, flat-blade screwdrivers, different types of wrenches, hexagon sockets and pliers, etc., preferably with a pair of head tools. For example, in the process of motorcycle travel, we can use tools to deal with simple situations such as the loosening of the rear view mirror screw or the battery wiring screw, so as to ensure the safety of motorcycle travel.

Tire repair tool
In fact, in the process of long-distance motorcycle travel, especially when there are many bad roads, it is more common to have a tire puncture. Once the tire is punctured, it will not only delay the trip but also pose a threat to safe riding. Before starting a motorcycle ride, it is best to prepare for the puncture.
For tubeless motorcycles, the most practical solution after the tire is punctured is to make up "tire rubber strip". I believe that some motorcycle friends are very familiar with them, and the price is not high, so they can be easily bought online. Using professional tools to patch the "tire rubber strip" to the place where the tire is punctured can basically guarantee a safe ride to the place where the tire can be patched.
How to inflate after tire repair? It is recommended that everyone be equipped with an air pump with the bike, so that whether it is to fill up the tire or adjust the tire pressure, it will be much more convenient to use.
Tubeless models can use "tire rubber strip" for emergency tire repairs, but if it is a spoke rim and there is an inner tube, it will be more difficult to deal with a tire puncture. Usually if the situation is not too serious, you can stick to the place where the tire is repaired by inflating. For riders with strong hands-on ability and traveling to remote places, you can bring a set of tire repair tools, including prying boards, files, glue and patches.

Chain cleaning
As the power transmission medium of engine and wheels, the condition of motorcycle chain is particularly important. If the road conditions are not good, and there is even too much dust and sand, it is easy to cause the chain to be dirty or even damaged. You can bring chain cleaners and lubricants when you travel, so that you can maintain the chain in time in similar situations.

In the process of long-distance motorcycle travel, the most worrying thing is safety issues, and the last thing you want to happen is falling or even crashing. However, in the event of an unfortunate encounter with an injury, we must also prepare medicines that can be dealt with in advance. Before departure, we can prepare medical kits, disinfecting alcohol, bandages, gauze, Band-Aids, scalding cream and antipyretic tablets.

2. Comfort and convenience
Cycling Equipment
Whether it is a long-distance or short-distance motorcycle tour, complete cycling equipment is particularly important, such as helmets, cycling clothes, cycling pants, cycling boots, raincoats and three boxes, etc., all of which can ensure the safety of motorcycle riding. And comfort and convenience bring better protection.
The first thing you need to prepare is three boxes. Basically, long-distance motorcycle travel, especially ADV adventure models, three boxes are all necessary supplies. Equipped with three boxes, it is more convenient to place items. Compared with soft bags, three boxes also have better firmness and safety. However, the premise must be that the installation is firm, otherwise the box is damaged or dropped during the motorcycle tour, which is also more troublesome.
Soft bags are relatively cheaper and can hold larger luggage. However, if you use a soft bag, straps or a mesh cover are essentials. When riding a motorcycle, you need to use straps or nets to fix the soft bag firmly to avoid unnecessary dangers in the middle.

When riding motorcycles across many cities, it often encounters sudden rain or even snow. At this time, warm and rain-proof clothes are required. Some cycling jerseys have built-in rain resistance, so don’t worry too much. If you have ordinary cycling clothes, it is recommended to prepare a set of raincoats and put them on when it rains for protection, and at the same time to avoid colds and illnesses.
In addition, it is best to choose a waterproof material for your carry-on backpack. You can't let the computer, clothes and other items in the bag get wet by the rain.
Friends who have ridden long distances have experience. In fact, long journeys, especially high-speed running, are quite boring. Teams can all be equipped with helmet headsets with intercom function. In addition to chatting and sharing beautiful scenery, the vehicles in front can also broadcast road conditions in real time, such as oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, sand, large pits, etc., so that vehicles behind can safely overtake or Timely deceleration, etc., actually improves riding safety to a certain extent.

When you go to an unfamiliar city, you must have a mobile phone map for navigation if you don’t know the road. In addition to seeing the route plan, you can know the size of the curve in advance when you are on the mountain road. In addition to downloading the offline map in advance, a stable mobile phone holder is also required to ensure that no exceptions will occur during high-speed riding. It should be noted that no matter how good the mobile phone holder is, long-distance riding may damage the mobile phone camera, so it is recommended to use a backup phone for map navigation.
Now many friends like to use shooting equipment to record the good times of motorcycle travel. For motorcycles, there are actually many cameras that can shoot unique perspectives. Motorcyclists can prepare in advance according to their own preferences. Shooting equipment and stand.

Camping gear
For friends who like cycling and camping, they basically do not choose to stay in hotels when traveling on motorcycles. With a tent, they can choose a "feng shui treasure land", which is closer to nature and is also a more interesting motorcycle travel experience. Therefore, when preparing for motorcycle travel and camping, you can also travel with a tent.
In addition to whether it is convenient to build, different from self-driving travel, the choice of tents for motorcycle tours should also consider the size of the storage, after all, the loading capacity of motorcycles is limited. In addition, if conditions permit, you can also bring sleeping bags and inflatable pillows to make camping life more comfortable.
Headlights or flashlights are very necessary during motorcycle travel and camping. Not only is it more convenient to find things at night, but also once the vehicle fails during night riding, it can also play a good lighting role in maintenance.


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