The British gentleman who doesn't refuse to play in the mud - Triumph SCRAMBLER 1200 XC

The British gentleman who doesn't refuse to play in the mud - Triumph SCRAMBLER 1200 XC

TRIUMPH has a kind of motorcycle called Street Scrambler. Based on the 900cc Bonneville T100, its front wheel has been changed to 19 inches, and it is equipped with a high-level exhaust pipe, showing the style of a dual-purpose motorcycle at the end of the last century. Since the shock absorption stroke is 120mm front and rear like the Bonneville, there is a big gap between riding on non-paved roads compared with rally motorcycles.

With the launch of the Bonneville T120, Scrambler also replaced the 900cc engine with a 1200cc engine, thus obtaining the Scrambler 1200 for riders who like more power. In addition to the engine, the shock absorbers have also been re-tuned, and the ride can feel smooth and steady. Especially when starting and going through a curve, the shock absorber can help riders control the body posture very well, which greatly improves the handling of the vehicle.

The front wheel size has also been increased from 19 inches to 21 inches, reaching the front wheel size of off-road motorcycles; the rear wheel remains 17 inches in size. This front and rear wheel collocation is exactly the same as that of BMW F800GS and Triumph Tiger 800XCA. Although the size is the same as these two, since the Scrambler 1200's forward inclination angle is only 25.8 degrees, the direction of the front wheel is very flexible, so it is more like the SUZUKI V-Strom1000 equipped with a 19-inch front wheel. Whether riding at high or low speeds, the handlebars are not too heavy.

Another point that is different from the Scrambler 900 is that the XC version of the Scrambler 1200 has an increased front and rear shock absorber stroke of 200mm, which is closer to a rally motorcycle, greatly improving the vehicle’s non-pavement riding performance. Even on high-speed rides with large potholes, the shock and tires handle the jumps "competently", giving the rider plenty of confidence.

The performance of the engine is also quite good. Based on the 1200cc liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine of the Bonneville T120, the maximum horsepower has been increased from 80ps to 90ps after adjustment, and the maximum horsepower speed has been increased from 6550rpm to 7400rpm, allowing the rider to freely control the power output. As long as the revs are kept high, the power is on call, and there is no feeling of premature failure of the Bonneville.

Five selectable riding modes can change the ABS system, tracking control system and throttle response. Among them, the electronic control intervention in all aspects of the ROAD mode is very balanced and can cope with most riding situations. Coupled with the inherent advantages of large-displacement twin-cylinder, even if the speed is only 2000~3000rpm, the power output is still smooth and stable, and there is no sign of dragging gear at all.

The height of the seat cushion is 840mm, and the seat cushion is relatively wide, so the feet on the ground are the same as seen in the photo. However, since the rear of the motorcycle is not high, it is very easy to get on and off, and the riding posture is relatively close to the off-road vehicle (the rider in the photo is 175cm tall/62kg in weight).

Compared with the Bonneville T120's maximum horsepower of only 80ps, the liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine with a 270-degree crankshaft can generate 90ps of horsepower. In addition, a torque-assisted clutch and cruise control system are used to make the operation easier.

The SHOWA brand φ45mm inverted front fork that can adjust the damping is used, and the front and rear shock absorber strokes reach 200mm; the brake calipers are M50 calipers from Brembo. The rear shock absorber is an Ohlins fully adjustable shock absorber; the aluminum alloy rocker arm adopts anti-corrosion processing, and the rocker arm length is 547mm.

Fetured a multi-functional TFT screen that can switch the screens, riders can more directly control the Google voice intersection navigation (turn by turn navigation) and operate the GoPro through the module.

The seat cushion is secured with a key lock, so it can be removed directly. The flat shape of the cushion allows the rider to find a most comfortable position. Designed with off-road riding in mind, it uses a very practical serrated pedal, and can adjust the height of the brake pedal.

The fuel tank is based on Bonneville, and the fuel tank cap has a flip-back design with some late-last-century flavors. Using the smart chip key, the receiving sensor is under the seat cushion and inside the headlight, and the sensing range is within 1m.


Vehicle size: length 2285mm x width 840mm x height 1200mm

Wheelbase: 1530mm

Seat height: 840mm

Vehicle weight: 225kg

Engine form: liquid-cooled four-stroke parallel twin-cylinder SOHC 4-valve

Displacement: 1200cc

Maximum horsepower: 90ps/7400rpm

Maximum torque: 110Nm/3950rpm

Fuel tank capacity: 16L

Tire size: front 90/90-21, rear 150/70R17

In addition to the XC version, SCRAMBLER also launched a high-end version - the 1200XE version, which is more powerful in terms of hardware and electronic control. The diameter of the front fork has been changed from φ45mm to φ47mm, and the front and rear shock absorber strokes have also been extended from 200mm to 250mm. The electronic control adopts the cornering ABS system of the IMU inertial measurement device, the cornering tracking control system and the heated grips. Which do you prefer, the XC or XE version?


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