Tracer 900 GT - Yamaha liter-to-be touring motorbike

Tracer 900 GT - Yamaha liter-to-be touring motorbike

Yamaha's mid-displacement touring model, the Tracer, is actually developed on the basis of the MT-09. In 2015, it was extended to MT-09 Tracer after being equipped with a semi-fairing. In 2018, Yamaha officially stripped the Tracer from the MT series and named it the Tracer 900 separately; it also launched the Tracer 900 GT. That is the high-end models of this series which have been enhanced in terms of suspension and electronic control.

Among Japanese motorcycles, motorcycles up to 900cc are generally equipped with 4-cylinder engines. However, the Yamaha Tracer chose to use its own three-cylinder engine. All motorcycles nowadays are pursuing light weight and high power, and absolute horsepower improvement is not the primary goal; the same is true for Yamaha's models.

The reason Yamaha went with a three-cylinder is that the response characteristics of the engine are somewhere between a two-cylinder and a four-cylinder. This can make unprecedented quick response to the throttle, and the power is easy to control, while the body feedback is clear. This is also the reason why Yamaha's engine uses a cross shaft, which can create a linear torque output for the throttle. When the low center of gravity MT-09 has a lightweight body and instantaneous explosive power, it will be very cool for those who like to ride because its design is more oriented towards the rider.

As a variant of the MT series, the Tracer emphasizes the concept of comfortable travel. When using the same engine with clear control and powerful power, it can achieve sufficient power for long-distance running without excessive driving fatigue. This three-cylinder engine is inherited from the MT series, and has extremely strong power at low speeds at idle. Once you let go of the gas, you can throw off other riders during the start.

In appearance, after the motorcycle was changed in 2017, it adopts a symmetrical face design and comes standard with LED headlights. Power on the 845cc three-cylinder liquid-cooled 4-valve engine can provide 116 horsepower. The engine uses a 120-degree crank equidistant burst, which minimizes engine friction losses, with three-level power modes and three-level traction control.

The fork is fully adjustable with compression-side damping adjustment, and a unique feature of the 900GT is the ability to remotely adjust the suspension preload. The swingarm adopts a long rear arm design, which can effectively transmit power to the ground. The exhaust uses a short design. Braking uses 298mm rotor discs and radial four-piston calipers.

The GT model uses a full-color LCD instrumentation with a bar-graph tachometer and a digital speed display. The seat can be manually height-adjusted with a mounting part. The windshield is adjustable, and the windproof effect and rainproof effect are good. The fuel tank volume is 18L, and the cruising range exceeds 400km. The motorcycle is equipped with side boxes on both sides as standard, with a single side volume of 22L, which is suitable for short-distance travel.


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