Touring Motorcycle Recommendation - F850GS ADV Rally Bike

Touring Motorcycle Recommendation - F850GS ADV Rally Bike
As we all know, rally motorcycles are the most suitable for motorcycle tour. They can easily face unforeseen road conditions on the road, and they can handle both paved and non-paved roads with ease.

At present, the trend of motorcycle travel has been on the rise, and more and more people accept the way of traveling by motorcycle. The sales volume of the rally motorcycle market has also been increasing in recent years, and many ADV models of different displacements have emerged. BMW's ADV rally motorcycle, as an outstanding representative, has long been tested by the world's riders in terms of process manufacturing and quality stability.

In terms of appearance, the F850GSADV retains BMW's usual hard-line design, and the eagle-billed front design has an obvious family style. F850GS ADV, as the most adventurous rally-style model among BMW ADV models, can be seen from the side with sharp edges and corners and a tough style. The 875mm sitting height is higher than R 1200 GS, and there are certain requirements for the height of the rider. The front 21-inch and rear 17-inch tire spoke wheels are very suitable for motorcycle use, especially on non-paved roads.

In terms of power, the F850GS ADV is equipped with a parallel twin-cylinder engine with a displacement of 853cc, with a maximum power of 95kw and a maximum torque of 92Nm. Although this kind of power performance is not eye-catching enough for the KTM 790 ADV, considering that the weight of the F850GS ADV is only 244kg, the thrust-to-weight ratio is Eye-catching enough, better than BMW's existing 1250ADV, which means more maneuverability and agility on non-paved roads.

All in all, the F850GSADV is a very adventurous rally motorcycle.


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