The pioneering leader of sport touring motorcycles, Yamaha FJR1300 released the 20th anniversary edition

The pioneering leader of sport touring motorcycles, Yamaha FJR1300 released the 20th anniversary edition

Yamaha released the FJR1300AS/A 20th Anniversary Edition to the Japanese market. Unfortunately, this will also be the last swan song of this classic four-cylinder station wagon. Due to the lack of introduction, domestic riders may be unfamiliar with it, but FJR is the pioneer of the concept of "sports travel" and has a long-standing reputation in the motorcycle industry. The new motorcycle will go on sale in February 2022, of which the AS version is priced at 165w, and the A version is priced at 198w yen, equivalent to rmb around 10w.


The FJR1300AS/A 20th Anniversary Edition uses a Jet Black color scheme. The fuel tank cover, clutch, brake lever, pedals, and even bolts are all coated in black, and given special lines, embossing, and gold. Commemorative logos and hubs to embellish. The rounded body lines may seem a little age-like now, but they also exude a classic and timeless charm, and the sharp and aggressive modern design is not necessarily more beautiful.


In terms of configuration, the AS version has more electrically adjustable suspension than the A version, automatic cornering auxiliary lighting and YCC-S (Yamaha electronically controlled shifting). It is worth mentioning that the shock absorption can be selected from four modes: "single seat, single seat + luggage, double seat, double seat + luggage"; three damping forces of "soft, standard, hard"; 0 to ±3 seven-level adjustment, A total of 4×3×7=84 segments of fine-tuning can be achieved, which fully meets the needs of different road conditions during travel. Electronic gear shifting, on the other hand, does not require a clutch, but is done via paddle shifters on the handlebar, and automatically switches to lower gears when crawling in traffic and stopping when needed.


The same part of the FJR1300AS/A includes a 1297cc inline four-cylinder water-cooled engine, which can choose a comfortable T mode and a sporty S mode. Both standard electronic throttle, cruise control, TCS+ABS, adjustable windshield, LED light source, Triple meter and more. The seat height can be selected from 805mm and 825mm, the fuel tank volume is 25L, the curb weight of the AS version is 296kg, and the curb weight of the A version is 289kg.

The official label for the FJR1300AS/A is "further weekends", which not only provides long-distance and comfortable high-speed cruising, but also has flexible and agile sports performance. More than 20 years later, this concept has been applied to more and more models, such as Kawasaki's H2 SX, BMW R1250RT and so on. FJR has become another good motorcycle that was discontinued without being introduced. It will inevitably make people feel regretful. We expect the classic to be inherited and continued. Even if it changes its appearance and identity, it is fine to keep a familiar and memorable name, such as Honda's NT1100. .

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