Suzuki Unveils 2022 DL650 Adventure Model

Suzuki Unveils 2022 DL650 Adventure Model

Suzuki has released the 2022 DL650 V-Strom Series in Europe with new graphics.
It is still equipped with a V-shaped 90-degree two-cylinder engine with an actual displacement of 645cc and a maximum horsepower of 71 horsepower.

Adopting the double-spar type wide-faced frame that is the benchmark for high-performance sports bikes, the fairing and windshield of the front body and front have undergone careful ergonomic research to provide a good ride comfort.

The XT version, on the basis of the standard version, adopts front and rear steel wire wheel frames, and is equipped with a bottom cover of the engine and hand guards at both ends of the handlebar.


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