Subvert your cognition - electric motorcycle Davinci DC100

Subvert your cognition - electric motorcycle Davinci DC100

What is the concept of motorcycles priced at $27,844 and $90,926? You can buy a liter bike or a top motorcycle like the Golden Wing, but Davinci DC100 is electric.

This is the first electric motorcycle DC100 from Davinci. Davinci Tech, founded in 2013, has a R&D team from engineers from 11 departments of Tsinghua University. They call DC100 a robotic two-wheeled vehicle with a futuristic appearance.

The maximum horsepower of the DC100 is as high as 137hp, and the maximum torque has reached an astonishing 850Nm. The zero-hundred acceleration is 3.X seconds, the top speed reaching 200km/h, and the cruising range is 357-400 kilometers. This data is already comparable to some fuel liter motorcycles.

In terms of hardware configuration, the braking system adopts Brembo M4.30 four-piston radial calipers, the Brembo MCS direct-push upper pump, and the shock absorption system adopts Ohlins inverted front fork and the central rear shock. The seat height is 795-815mm, the curb weight is 255kg, and it is equipped with keyless start and multiple riding modes.

DC100 battery adopts ternary lithium battery Pack to achieve high energy density, and supports high voltage platform and high rate charge and discharge. The charging method uses standard automobile DC fast charging piles in China, the United States and Europe, which can be fully charged in about 30 minutes and can be charged to 85% in 15 minutes.

In addition, it also has various functions such as ride assist (D), hill-start assist control (HAC), hill descent control (HDC), reverse assist (R), combined braking system (CBS), traction control system (TCS), kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), and firmware-over-the-air (FOTA) technology.

In addition to the standard version, there is also the DC classic limited version. Limited to 50 units worldwide, the price is as high as $90,926. The art MV Agusta in the motorcycle industry dare not sell so expensive. The limited version only adopts higher specifications in hardware configuration.


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