Single-cylinder VS Parallel-twin engine, which kind of motorcycle is better for a tour?

Single-cylinder VS Parallel-twin engine, which kind of motorcycle is better for a tour?
With the rise of motorcycle touring in recent years, more and more people choose to travel by motorcycles. As a senior rider who has owned a motorcycle for many years, he/she must have some understanding of the types of motorcycles. But as some newbies, how should they choose the right motorcycles? Therefore, here is a popular science on how to choose suitable touring motorcycles according to types and uses.

The development of motorcycles has a history of more than 100 years, and many categories have been updated since they were invented in the West. As a motorcycle for daily use, the range of options is also wider.
If you want to choose a motorcycle that can travel far and has a certain off-road passability, it is recommended to choose a large fuel tank and a relatively large motorbike size. It is best to have spoked wheels. In this case, the off-road passability is generally better. After all, the roads in many places are non-paved roads, and it is also very good to choose a motorcycle with superior performance.

If you choose a motorcycle that rides on paved roads, and the travel distance is not so long, the general scooter can handle it. Its advantages are comfortable sitting position and simple operation, and many novices will choose pedal motorcycles.

There are many types of motorcycles, such as the size of the displacement and the number of engine cylinders, which will also affect people's choice of motorcycles. Just like the most popular single-cylinder and parallel-twin engine today, these two types are the most common among our current motorcycles. For example, single-cylinder motorcycles, many ordinary people buy these ones. After all, fuel-saving and simple maintenance are the characteristics of them.

The application of parallel-twin engines also began as early as the last century. The original invention is mainly that the power of the parallel-twin engine is more abundant than that of the single-cylinder, and if the parallel-twin engine with the same displacement is compared with the single-cylinder engine, the vibration suppression is better. Therefore, many long-distance riders mostly choose parallel-twin engines for travels. One is that you can get a strong power output, and the other is that long-distance riding can reduce a lot of vibration, and the long-distance comfort for riders is better than that of a single cylinder.

The smoothness of a single-cylinder motorcycle may not be as good as that of a parallel-twin engine motorcycle, but its low-torque output is better. For professional off-roading, the usage rate of the single-cylinder motorcycle is much higher. The single-cylinder motorcycle is characterized by fuel-saving but no shortage of torque, which is the favorite of the off-road professions. It can be seen that single-cylinder off-road motorcycles are still the most popular in the professional field.

To sum up, most riders have different choices for travel needs, but considering the overall comfort, it is better to choose a parallel-twin engine motorcycle. However, for maintenance and energy saving, single-cylinder motorcycles are still very popular if you don't care about vibration data. After all, due to the difference in displacement, there are different views on different motorcycles, and the needs of motorcycle travel vary accordingly. Therefore, the choice of the number of cylinders finally depends on the preferences of riders themselves.


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