Practical Objects for Motorcycle Tours in Rainy Days

Practical Objects for Motorcycle Tours in Rainy Days

Motorcycles are often criticized by many car owners for not being able to shelter from the wind and rain. Although many riders responded by touching the air freely, but to be honest, for riders who often travel by motorcycles, this problem is indeed realistic. Therefore, let's see those practical small objects for rainy days.

What are the basic equipment for riding in the rain?

For riders who like motorcycle tours, the focus of prevention in rainy days is to protect the body. Under the premise of a helmet on the head, the protection of the body, hands and feet is very important; the most troublesome of these is the protection of shoes. At the same time, how to maintain a clear vision is also a headache for the riders.

If you're riding a scooter in light rain on a short trip, a raincoat or poncho is enough to keep you out of the rain. Raincoats and ponchos are very convenient, and there are currently more choices online, and they can also be folded and placed. If the motorcycle is equipped with a tail box or a seat bucket, it is still very convenient.

Rain Pants/Shoe Covers
If the rain is heavy, it is necessary to strengthen the waterproofing below the legs. In fact, a lot of wetness is mainly due to the insufficient protection of the lower body. In this case, it is best to have separate rain pants (if you can, it is best to buy a split raincoat when you first choose). Another point is that you can buy waterproof shoe covers, and then put the uppers of the shoe covers under the rain pants, so as to prevent the water from the rain pants from flowing into the shoe covers.

Waterproof Gloves
Although it is very comfortable to ride a motorcycle without gloves, the function of gloves is not only to protect your hands in case of falling, but also to increase the friction between the hands and the handle to avoid accidents caused by hand slippage. The same is true for waterproof gloves. When choosing, pay attention to the non-slip of the palm part. Also, when wearing, avoid rainwater entering from the entrance of the gloves.

Waterproof Cycling Shoes & Electric Wipers
If it is a long-distance motorcycle trip, in fact, the best choice is to wear waterproof outdoor cycling shoes with Gore-tex capability. After all, waterproof shoe covers are more suitable for short-distance trip. The key to choosing waterproof cycling shoes is to choose the right size, because the rain generally enters from the heel and ankle part. If it rains heavily, make sure there is no gap between the shoes and the rain pants, and adjust the width of the hem of the rain pants so that the shoe opening is completely hidden under the pants.

In addition to the above, when the rain falls on the helmet lens, it is easy to affect the rider's field of vision. It is best to apply rain repellent on the helmet in advance, or directly choose an electric wiper. Especially the electric wiper, it can wipe away the rainwater instantly, provide the rider with a clear visor, and provide the rider with a safer riding state. Especially in areas where it rains all year round, the wipers will be the daily companion of your helmets. In addition, if you are an enthusiast of long-distance motorcycle trips, it is best that all items are waterproof, which can minimize the risk of getting wet.

The above are the practical items that a rider needs to prepare in rainy days. What do you think?


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