Motorcycle travel guide: how to safely pass through mud and snow

Motorcycle travel guide: how to safely pass through mud and snow

1. Off-road standing posture is preferred, and off-road sitting posture can be used if confidence is insufficient;
2. When sitting, you can stretch your feet to maintain peace and help, but try to step on the pedals as much as possible;
3. Turn off traction control, but not necessarily ABS;

4. It is the safest to pass in a straight line at a uniform speed. The first gear has large torque and is not easy to stall. If you are familiar with your vehicle or the road conditions allow it, use the second gear;
5. The throttle in the middle gear is more suitable. If it is too small, it is easy to accidentally stall the car. If it exceeds 5000 rpm, it is easy for the rear wheel to slip and drift too much and lose its grip.


deceleration tips

1. Anticipate road conditions and decelerate in advance.
2. Use the front brake carefully, prefer the rear brake and use the engine brake;
3. Those who do not often run bad roads can consider turning on ABS, and off-road ABS is recommended;

4. The rear brake cannot be stepped on to the end, and the segmented rear brake is adopted;
5. In the event of an accident during deceleration, the inner side should be inclined before reversing, and the vehicle should be pedaled away from the vehicle body before reversing to prevent High Side (high throw).


Tips for getting out of car traps

1. Clean up the mud in the forward direction of the front and rear tires;
2. Clean up the mud in the front and rear tire patterns;
3. Cover the rear wheels and the road in the forward direction of the vehicle with substances that increase friction (sprinkling sand on the ice surface is very effective);

4. When starting, the relatively hard and thin mud ground uses the first block to eject, and the relatively soft and thick mud ground uses the second block to release the clutch slowly.
5, with a strong long rope.

sincere advice
1. Unless necessary, large-row vehicles should not easily get involved in adhesion road conditions such as mud and snow. Excellent technology does not mean that they can ride out by themselves;
2. If off-road tires are selected, dual-purpose tires are as useless as road tires;
3, with a long rope. 
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