Moto Guzzi V85 TT is refreshed

Moto Guzzi V85 TT is refreshed

The new V85 TT currently on sale has evolved in many aspects such as power and electronic equipment, and the riding pleasure has been improved again. Inside the engine are aluminum roller cams and rocker arm push rods and a 42.5 mm titanium intake, which is optimized for intake lift to increase torque at low and medium revs. There's a significant increase in revs at 3,000 rpm, but it continues to build up throughout the torque curve, peaking at 82 Nm at 5,000 rpm. That brings more road riding fun, quicker response when twisting the throttle, and more springy acceleration at low revs and high gears. With a maximum power output of 76 hp at 7,500 rpm, its modern design and surging performance are vividly displayed.

The shifting experience has become smoother and more precise, and the transmission and clutch housing have increased ground clearance; the dry clutch uses under-clutch reinforcement plates and high-performance clutch discs. A synchronisation structure is also used to minimise gear noise and transmission backlash, especially in first gear. The gearbox is equipped with a buffer drive device, which can make the universal shaft transmission more stable. Finally, the rocker arm housing area has been strengthened and fitted with bearings that can withstand high loads.

In terms of electronic control system, Moto Guzzi has designed a complete set of standard electronic equipment in order to meet the daily riding, travel and off-road adventure needs of riders. Not to show off too much, just to bring advanced travel enjoyment. For an easier and safer riding experience, the V85 TT currently on sale offers five different riding modes: Road, Rain and Off-Road, as well as new Sport and Custom modes over the previous generation model. Each mode corresponds to a different engine map, a different MGCT traction control (which can be disabled), ABS calibration and a different response to the electronic throttle.

Spoke wheels can now be equipped with vacuum tires for higher reliability and easier handling of punctures.

For an adventure touring vehicle, travel range is very important. The V85 TT has a 23 L capacity fuel tank design (with a range of over 400 km). Its styling harks back to the legacy Moto Guzzi built for rally racing in the 1980s. The fuel tank also has a number of impressive, well-crafted details, such as the slit in the front of the tank and the groove in the cylinder head, which are integrated with the transverse V-twin engine. In order to ensure riding comfort and ensure free movement when riding standing up on off-road conditions, engineers have done a lot of research on the contact area of the saddle.

The Moto Guzzi V85 TT currently on sale is available in four exterior finishes: Nero Etna, Giallo Mojave, Rosso Ulur, Centenario.


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