Marathon Runner-YAMAHA XT1200ZE Super Ténéré Raid Edition

Marathon Runner-YAMAHA XT1200ZE Super Ténéré Raid Edition

Just look at the naming of the XT1200ZE Super Ténéré to know the pedigree of this large adventure vehicle. Ténéré is a desert in Niger, a country in central and western Africa, located in the southern center of the Sahara Desert, with a total of 400,000 square kilometers. The environment there is particularly harsh, while the climate is extremely dry and hot, and the annual rainfall is only 25mm. It is one of the most dangerous and terrifying places in Africa, and it is also the most complicated and difficult section of the Paris-Dakar Rally. A motorcycle named after one of the harshest deserts clearly demonstrates the extraordinary identity of the "Super Ténéré". The rally version of the XT1200ZE Super Ténéré Raid Edition has gone a step further. It is a marathon runner who can really move forward day and night!

The rally version of the "Super Ténéré" is equipped with a compact parallel twin-cylinder engine with a bore and stroke of 98.0mm×79.5mm and a displacement of up to 1199mL. In order to further strengthen the power response, YAMAHA uses a 270° crankshaft on this parallel twin-cylinder engine, and the ignition interval is 270° to 450°; the two cranks are staggered by 90° to neutralize the inertia torque of the two large pistons - This means from a mechanical engineering standpoint that the total output torque output of the engine is equal to the combustion chamber torque. This concept, similar to the "cross crankshaft" of YZF-R1, establishes a direct relationship between the accelerator and the rear wheel, twisting the accelerator is like turning the rear wheel, and the accurate and refreshing acceleration experience makes the rider full of confidence!

In terms of power performance, the parallel twin-cylinder engine has a maximum power of 80.9kW and a maximum torque of 114.1N m. If you observe closely, you will find that the maximum power and maximum torque output of the "Super Ténéré" are low at 7250r/min and 6000r/min respectively. This means that the main goal of "Super Ténéré" is not high speed and high power, but emphasizes strong torque at low and medium speeds, so as to provide the most practical power for the rider's adventure travel!

For this reason, YAMAHA engineers describe this parallel twin-cylinder engine as a "torque engine", focusing on responsiveness at low and medium revs. Even at very low revs, even with passengers or full luggage, the rider still has enough power. Just twist the throttle, the practical parallel twin-cylinder engine will respond quickly to meet the rider's power needs!

Traveling long distances, traveling day and night, exploring and conquering requires not only courage and energy, but also intelligence and wisdom. This rally version of the "Super Ténéré" is infused with the efforts of YAMAHA engineers and equipped with a wealth of electronic intelligent auxiliary devices, allowing the rider to more deeply and fully utilize the powerful potential of the parallel twin-cylinder engine.

☀ Electronic Control Suspension

The "Super Ténéré" has a top-notch suspension system. The φ43mm inverted front fork at the front and the single-tube shock absorber at the rear end have a stroke of up to 190mm, and the two complement each other. While effectively digesting bumps and shocks, it can also prevent the frame from moving significantly and keep the bike body stable. The finishing touch of this suspension system is the installation of an electronic adjustment system, which can cope with the adjustment of various road conditions and meet the needs of different riders! The adjustment operation is very simple. Even while riding, the rider can switch between different modes at any time according to the road conditions!

☀ Ride Modes

Based on the electronic throttle YmL-T, the "Super Ténéré" is equipped with riding modes that the rider can choose to switch at any time according to road conditions. In the sport mode, the parallel twin-cylinder engine has full power output and has a refreshing throttle response, which is suitable for passionate and maddening on the road with good grip; the town mode is characterized by a relatively stable power output, which is suitable for slow traffic environments.

☀ Traction Control System

The system compares the rotational speed of the front and rear wheels in real time to determine whether the rear wheels have lost grip. Once a signal of rear wheel slip is detected, the traction control system immediately adjusts the ignition timing system, electronic fuel injection system and electronic throttle until the rear wheels regain grip. The system can choose from 3 modes. TCS1 is the standard mode that intervenes when the rear wheels start to slip. TCS2 is a slightly involved mode that allows a moderate amount of rear wheel slippage, which is suitable for more aggressive off-road driving. OFF is the off mode. After turning to the OFF mode, the traction control system does not work.

In addition, the rally version of the "Super Ténéré" is also equipped with electronic cruise, which makes the rider's long-distance running more worry-free and labor-saving. The anti-lock braking system and intelligent combined braking work together to protect the rider's journey faithfully!

Since it is known as the rally version, of course, it needs to be further strengthened in terms of conquering ability and long-distance trip. Considering that the "Super Ténéré" often enters and exits difficult and dangerous road conditions, the safety of the rider can only be ensured by strengthening the safety of the bike body itself. For this reason, YAMAHA has added a lot of special equipment to it, which can be described as "armed to the teeth". For example, a solid aluminum alloy crash plate is installed at the bottom of the engine to protect the crankcase and exhaust system head pipe from being hit by rocks. For another example, the front and rear wheels are made of steel spoke rims, which have better elasticity and are more capable of trekking on difficult and dangerous roads. Another example, the "Super Ténéré" comes standard with two sturdy aluminum alloy side boxes, with a total capacity of 74L, which is convenient for riders to travel fully armed and loaded with luggage. In addition, the tapered aluminum alloy handle with excellent steering effect, the 4-step adjustable high windshield, the height-adjustable seat cushion, the super-luminous fog lights, the large fuel tank with a capacity of up to 23L... every detail setting of the rally version "Super Ténéré" is very thoughtful and practical, helping the rider to conquer the long marathon journey through trials and hardships!


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