Make long-distance motorcycle travel more comfortable - BMW R 1250 RT

Make long-distance motorcycle travel more comfortable - BMW R 1250 RT

Evolution of the BMW RT
When it comes to classic touring motorcycles, the BMW Motorrad touring series is one of those benchmarks that cannot be bypassed:

In 1978, the BMW R 100 RT was born, the first BMW motorcycle with an all-inclusive air shroud;

In 1995, the BMW R 1100 RT was the first RT equipped with an air/oil-cooled "boxer", which was more capable of long-distance travel;

In 2002, the "successor" BMW R 1150 RT engine had an enlarged displacement and improved power performance;

In 2005, the BMW R 1200 RT made its debut, the vehicle was "slender" by 20kg, and it can also be equipped with electronic suspension adjustment ESA, etc.;

In 2014, the fourth-generation BMW R 1200 RT went a step further in terms of power, handling and comfort, and wrote a footnote for "evolution".

In 2019, the evolution mechanism started again, and the new generation of BMW R 1250 RT shocked!

A New Generation of "Boxers", Going All out for the Journey
The BMW R 1250 RT is equipped with an innovative 1254 cc horizontally opposed straight-twin engine, which not only has an increased displacement, but also adopts the BMW Shiftcam variable camshaft system. The rated power reaches 100 kW/7750 rpm, which is more 8kW than the previous generation BMW R 1200 RT.

Torque bursts to 143 N·m at 6250 rpm, an increase of 14%. The output torque is lower at high revs and the peak torque comes earlier, which means that the new generation BMW R 1250 RT can provide a better riding experience throughout the rev range. Coupled with the easy and comfortable control created by the travel series, even if the journey is full of rivers and mountains, it is like a stroll in the garden.

"Little Lucky" on the Long Road
Motorcycle travel is a long journey generally, and it is inevitable to encounter some situations: poor road conditions, changeable weather, some negligence when tired on riding... Rest assured, BMW R 1250 RT has all been thought of for you. It will provide you with the following "little luck" at the critical moment:

Rear wheel slipping? Does not exist! BMW R 1250 RT is equipped with automatic stability control system ASC, which can control the torque output of the engine according to the friction coefficient of the road surface, thereby controlling the rear wheel slip.

Slippery road? Don't worry! The automatic stability control system ASC and the cornering anti-lock braking system ABS Pro cooperate tacitly to enhance the riding safety of the BMW R 1250 RT, especially on slippery roads.

The BMW R 1250 RT has several riding modes. The "Rain" rainy mode is suitable for roads with weak grip. In this mode, the throttle response is much milder, the damping of the shock absorber system becomes softer, and the cornering anti-lock braking system ABS Pro intervenes earlier and faster. The "Road" road mode is dedicated to achieving a balance between performance and comfort in a variety of road conditions.

Up and down steep slopes? Don't be timid! The Hill Start Control system HSC Pro has become a powerful guarantee for the BMW R 1250 RT, so that even if you are traveling with a full load of luggage, friends or partners, you will not have to worry about slipping or stalling when starting a hill.

Emergency braking? Steady! The dynamic braking control system DBC makes riding safety a step further. It can avoid accidents caused by misoperation of the throttle handle when the vehicle brakes in an emergency, and effectively shorten the braking distance and reduce accident injuries.

Cool Apprearance and Full of detail
Want to be more eye-catching on the go? The body design of the BMW R 1250 RT is meticulously crafted, with a newly designed engine air deflector, a front air deflector and an additional head air deflector. At the same time, it also achieves excellent aerodynamic performance, allowing the rider to avoid the suffering of strong winds.

Want to check the status of your vehicle, listen to music, and never miss a message on the go? The BMW R 1250 RT has the BMW Motorcycle Interconnect System, which can easily read information such as average fuel consumption, average speed, driving time, maintenance data, maintenance cycle, etc., and supports functions such as phone calls and music.

Due to the positioning of the BMW R 1250 RT long-distance motorcycle, it is equipped with 120/70 ZR17 and 180/55 ZR17 front and rear tires that are more suitable for pavement.

The comfortable riding triangle can effectively reduce the fatigue of motorcycle travel. Turned on the audio system, accompanied by the pleasant sound of the engine and the beautiful scenery on the road, the BMW R 1250 RT brings you a comfortable motorcycle touring.


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