Little knowledge of motorcycle tire repair

Little knowledge of motorcycle tire repair

In daily driving, whether it is commuting to get off work or long-distance motorcycle travel, we can always encounter situations like the tire being punctured by a nail. Some of our tires are tubeless tires and some are tires with inner tubes. We sometimes choose rubber strips and sometimes nails. So which methods can we choose? How do these tire repair methods affect the tires? What should we pay attention to when filling tires?


Most of the time we have a vacuum radial tire, which allows us to repair it ourselves when it breaks. So is the patch really reliable? Can it even be called safe?


If a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools. I repair large wounds with tire strips, and a dual-purpose screwdriver I use to repair small wounds. But these patches are currently only suitable for tubeless tires, so make sure your tires are tubeless before using them.


Before you start repairing your tire, determine the location, shape, and size of the wound.

The center 75% of the tire is the repairable area, and the remaining 25% of the edge area will squeeze out the patch like toothpaste due to too much elasticity during driving. Therefore, the sidewalls are not allowed to be patched.


To confirm that the tire damage is within the repairable range, it is necessary to confirm the shape of the wound. There are currently three typical wound phenomena: tearing, incision and oblong. If the wound area is larger than the cross-sectional area of a pencil, sorry, I don't recommend repairing it.


These patches fill both voids caused by damage and damage from the inside of the tire, providing double protection for repairing the tire.

For patched tires, we recommend no more than 75 mph. Patches can break due to rapid tread rotation or other reasons.

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