KTM will launch a new hardcore ADV - a wilder 390

KTM will launch a new hardcore ADV - a wilder 390

In the online evaluation, it was said that the 390ADV that KTM is currently selling is an adventure model that is not wild enough; KTM seems to think so too. Recently, they are busy testing the new 390 ADV with more extreme performance.

The new 390 ADV that KTM is testing is still in the stage of an engineering prototype, and the whole vehicle has not been disguised. But the iconic headlight still brings a familiar feel, and the treatment of details brings something new.

Enduro series fenders, 21-inch front and 18-inch rear spoked wheels, flatter off-road cushions, a new Euro-wing aluminum alloy swingarm for increased ground clearance, and a higher exhaust pipe position, a series of changes all declare that this will be a more hardcore and wilder 390 ADV.

It can also be found from the exposed road test spy photos that this new KTM uses a steel tube frame that is easy to adjust and change. At present, you can still find some rust on the new motorbike. Perhaps this model has undergone many extraordinary wild tests.

The gauge of the new motorbike also seems to be a little different.

At present, this new model of KTM is expected to be tested for some time before it is launched. How much wildness and fun the new 390ADV can bring? Let's wait for good news.


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