KTM 890 Series New Bikes: Middleweight GT Sports Tourer

KTM 890 Series New Bikes: Middleweight GT Sports Tourer

The KTM790 series has been gradually upgraded to 890, but there are only Duke and Adventure models. Recently, foreign media announced the spy photos of KTM's new motorcycle road test, which seems to be a new model of the 890 series.
Recently, sports wagons seem to have become popular, and major motorcycle manufacturers are launching such models. KTM looks like it is between street bikes and rally bikes, similar to Yamaha Tracer 9 and BMW F900XR.

The frame is clearly from the 890 Adventure, as are the headlights and subframe. And there is no 890 Adventure's iconic saddle fuel tank on the body, replaced by a traditional single fuel tank with redesigned fairings on both sides, and the weight of the vehicle will drop accordingly.
The bike uses the 890 Duke's brake suspension system and 17-inch rim road tires. The vehicle is significantly lower, while reducing weight and improving handling and cornering flexibility.

The rest, including the engine and transmission, is expected to remain unchanged. The new 890 will produce around 100 hp and be equipped with corresponding electronic control systems such as cornering ABS, anti-rolling control, two-way displacement, cruise control and Traction control, etc.  
Only the 1290 Super Duke GT of all KTM models currently counts as a sports tourer, but it may be too perfect. So using the 890 platform to develop a middleweight sports travel may be more suitable for users in most of these market segments.


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