KTM 390 Adventure Standard Edition is really all-rounder

KTM 390 Adventure Standard Edition is really all-rounder

Since the KTM 390 Adventure was released at the Milan Auto Show at the end of 2019, with the advantages of light weight, powerful dynamic performance, and rich configuration, this powerful small and medium-displacement adventure vehicle has won countless attention.


The 390 ADV has many similarities with the 790 ADV, but is more friendly and friendly than the 790 series, with just the right displacement to meet the needs of most riders. In appearance, the 390 ADV has the same forward-protruding "mantis head", "kendo-style" headlights and small windshield, which constitute KTM's unique aggressive appearance. The body is well-proportioned and neat, and the overall specifications are just right, and it will never be intimidating for novices. The original car has a very wide and flat seat cushion to provide a more comfortable riding experience. After changing the off-road seat cushion, it can better adapt to non-paved driving, and the high and wide handlebars bring a more upright riding posture. At the same time, the fuel tank is fuller and the volume has reached 14.5L, allowing the 390ADV to have a cruising range of more than 300km.


The 390 ADV is equipped with the same water-cooled single-cylinder engine as the 390 DUKE, with a double overhead camshaft 4-valve valve and a displacement of 373mL. Linear intake port design and dual catalytic converters, the inner wall of the 89 mm diameter cylinder adopts DLC coating to improve durability, and with the help of the 46 mm diameter fuel injection system, it can generate a maximum power of 32kW (9000r/min) and 37N m (7000r/min) maximum torque, power performance and thrust-to-weight ratio are all at the leading level in the same class of models.


In the acceleration test, the 390 ADV 0-100km/h acceleration time was 5.4 seconds, which is slightly different from the 390 DUKE, but it is reasonable considering the influence of vehicle weight, all-terrain tires and winter grip. But this does not affect the acceleration feeling of the 390 ADV. The higher the speed of this short-stroke engine, the faster the acceleration is enough to make you feel passionate. After 5000r/min, you can clearly feel the power. This feeling will continue until after 8000r/min, with good power ductility.


The frame is made of traditional steel pipe, and key components such as the subframe and the swingarm also follow the family lineage. The shock absorption system adopts the WP brand, APEX 43mm fully adjustable inverted front fork (shock stroke 170mm), and APEX mid-mounted rear shock (shock stroke 177mm), which supports preload and rebound adjustment. The sitting height also comes to the standard 855mm, but the dry weight of the vehicle is 158kg, so the pressure of driving this little beast is not too big.


The 390 ADV is equipped with a 320mm Bybre opposing four-piston radial caliper on the front wheel, and a 230mm single-piston caliper at the rear with BOSCH 9.1 dual-channel ABS. It supports the cornering ABS function and provides an off-road ABS option that can turn off the rear wheel ABS. The front wheel specification is 100/90-19, and the rear wheel specification is 130/80-17. This braking system effectively guarantees the braking efficiency of the 390 ADV. The braking is powerful and linear. The braking distance in the 60-0km/h braking test is 16.4m, which is also a very good performance. Disengageable rear-wheel ABS greatly enhances the playability and braking effectiveness of the 390 ADV in off-pave conditions.


The positioning and design of 390 ADV are very suitable for multi-purpose positioning. In crowded urban roads, 390 ADV has the flexibility of small-displacement street cars, sensitive throttle response, light and easy-to-control body, stable and reliable control. It makes this motorcycle easy to move, and it feels quite relaxed when combined with a more stretched driving posture than DUKE.


When riding at high speed, this car finally no longer feels aggrieved, and it no longer feels that the 6th gear setting of the gearbox is redundant as in the city. The engine can release the power to the fullest, and it is very easy to overtake at high speed. As for vibration suppression, this is obviously not KTM's strong point, but it is completely acceptable to the author who is used to riding single-cylinder bikes.


The performance of the 390 ADV on the mountain road is not weak. The relatively light and compact body has a relaxed control feeling whether it is a quick turn or a U-turn. The adjustable front and rear shock absorbers are adjusted to be hard, and the stable tracking makes this car. Take you through the bends with ease. On the mountain road with light snow that day, the standard MTC traction control system also provides more guarantee for driving safety.


In a non-pavement environment, this 390 ADV is even more fun. Adjust the shock absorption, turn off the traction control system and rear wheel ABS, and enter the dirt play mode. In the fine bumps of the gravel road, the performance of the suspension is sufficient, the toughness is sufficient, and it is very decent. In the case of large undulating potholes, the travel of the front suspension is sufficient, and the feedback of the rear suspension is a bit stiff because it does not use multi-links. In addition, the weakness of low torque is weak, and it has to be shifted more frequently when riding on non-pavement to maintain a higher speed.


In fact, for the 390 ADV standard version, it is still an ADV model with certain non-pavement performance. Its wheel specifications, suspension strokes, including ground clearance and engine characteristics, are far from off-road vehicles, but the medium and low strength play soil Still very easy. After facing this reality, what this car brings to you is fun. Walking in the city, daily leisure running in the mountains, crossing the wilderness forest road, you can also pack your luggage for a "just go" trip when you are in the mood. It is a comprehensive car model that is not much at this level.


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