If you travel by motorcycle, how should you choose a saddlebag?

If you travel by motorcycle, how should you choose a saddlebag?
There is a big difference between motorcycle tours and car self-driving tours. When driving by car, there is a lot of space on the car to put luggage. For motorcycle tours, there are fewer places for luggage on the motorcycle. You still need to carry your spare luggage, such as changing clothes and toiletries. If you are traveling on a motorcycle, you need to bring some necessary repair tools and wearing parts. It is impossible to put them all in the backpack, so the side case and tail The box is very important.

From the material classification, the three boxes can be divided into two types: aluminum alloy material and plastic material.

1. Aluminum alloy three boxes

Aluminum alloy material is the most expensive, and some top three boxes are made of this material. is the most durable. Another advantage of the aluminum alloy three boxes is that the capacity is relatively large, because the aluminum alloy material is relatively strong, so only a thin material is needed to maintain the structure stability, and generally the three aluminum alloy boxes are relatively square, even if the lining is installed, It can also keep a lot of space and can hold a lot of things.

I think there are three shortcomings: one is that it is still heavier than the three plastic boxes, after all, there are three lumps of metal at the back; another disadvantage is that the shape of the aluminum alloy three boxes is relatively square, so the wind resistance when cruising at high speed It is still relatively large, which can be obviously measured and the fuel consumption will increase; another is that the price of aluminum alloy three boxes is generally more expensive, at least 2,000 for ordinary brands, and 5,000 or 6,000 for some international brands. .

2. Plastic three boxes

The plastic three-box is relatively more design-like in appearance, and the styles will be more abundant. The three-boxes designed by different manufacturers have different shapes and structures, so you can choose a style that is more integrated with the body lines. And the plastic three-box will have a better aerodynamic design, at least not as a square box like an aluminum alloy; another advantage is light weight.

There are also shortcomings. One is that the durability is not as good as the aluminum alloy three boxes. It may need to be replaced if there is a reversing or a crash. In terms of space utilization, due to the need to take into account the streamlined shape, the internal space will be relatively small, so the pursuit of large space may not be possible. It is too suitable to use plastic three boxes. Some plastic tail boxes are indeed large, but if they are too large, the overall situation will not be coordinated.

The last category is the side bag, the price is only a few hundred yuan, but I personally feel that the side bag may not be very durable, although it will not rot immediately, but after using it once or twice, it will definitely deform after cleaning. If it is deformed, you don't want to install it on the car, and there is no guarantee in terms of waterproofness and safety, so it is not recommended unless it is an emergency.

All in all, there are many kinds and styles of side boxes and tail boxes for motorcycles. You can refer to the advantages and disadvantages that I have introduced to you and choose a three box that suits you.
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