How to maintain a motorcycle in winter?

How to maintain a motorcycle in winter?
The cold winter is here again, and this season is more embarrassing for the knights. Some motorcyclists feel that the weather is too cold, so they park their cars in "hibernation"; some motorcyclists will ride their bikes every day no matter how cold it is.

Whether you park for a long time or use your car frequently, winter maintenance is an important lesson, so as to ensure that your car will not strike in extremely cold weather.

If the engine is the heart of the motorcycle, the oil is the blood of the motorcycle. Timely changing the oil can make the engine feel refreshed all the time.

The capacity of the battery will naturally decrease in winter, and the number of normal electric starts of the motorcycle will be reduced accordingly. When conditions permit, the motorcycle should be placed indoors to prevent freezing of condensed water, blockage of engine ventilation pipes and emulsification of oil, so as to ensure proper temperature of the battery and engine.
When you do not ride for a long time in winter, remember to remove the battery and store the whole vehicle without power. Don't take it off if you feel it's too much trouble, at least make sure to warm up the car once a week or two to make the circuit and oil circuit run.

Check whether the brake oil level, brake pads and brake discs are close to the replacement standard, check whether the operation is smooth, and prevent breakage and failure. If there is any abnormality, it is recommended to go to the authorized Cyclon dealer for troubleshooting. Various cables, transmission chains, brake pedals and various lubrication points are sprayed with WD40 for cleaning and lubrication.

Tires are one of the most critical components of a motorcycle, and maintenance should not be neglected. Clean the tread to keep the tread clean, check that there are no stones in the pattern, and the tire should not come into contact with water wax or oil, because the oil has an affinity for rubber, which will cause the tire to crack and deteriorate. For motorcycles that have been parked for a long time, the tire pressure of the front and rear tires should be slightly higher than that of normal riding.

When the temperature is lower than 7 degrees Celsius, the rubber compound used in the tire will become hard, so that the vehicle cannot perform its best performance, and there is a potential safety hazard. The tire pressure should be appropriately reduced to increase the grip area of ​​the tire and prevent sideslip.
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