Honda launched a small adventure bike - CB150X

Honda launched a small adventure bike - CB150X
Honda's small-displacement water-cooled adventure motorcycle CB150X, which was unveiled at the Indonesia International Motor Show, is now officially on the market.
When it comes to Honda motorcycles, we are no strangers. Honda's reliable quality has won the hearts of the people. The CB150 series released in Indonesia this time completely copied the appearance of the CB500X, with a more compact and muscular design, which is very popular.

The appearance of CB150X is very tough, and the design of the whole bike is very fashionable. Inheriting the appearance of CB500X, although the displacement is very small, it shows a sense of compactness and muscle. The beak design on the front face shows its standard ADV model, and it runs through the sharp design all the time. With the windshield head, it looks very sporty and very attractive.

The CB150X motorcycle adopts LED light group, and there is no need to worry about the clarity of lighting at night. Equipped with full LCD instrumentation, high adjustable windshield, and aluminum alloy engine guards that CB400X and CB500X do not have. The shock absorption part is equipped with a 37mm inverted shock absorber, a rear preload adjustable mid-mounted shock absorber, and Nissin calipers at the front and rear respectively, and the ground clearance reaches 181mm. The lack of standard ABS on the XB150X may be the biggest regret of this motorcycle.

The CB150X is the same as the CB150R in terms of power. It is equipped with a single-bar water-cooled four-valve engine with a displacement of 150cc, with an actual displacement of 149.16cc. The maximum horsepower is 17 horses, the maximum power is 16.6ps at 9000rpm, and the maximum torque is 14Nm at 7000rpm, matching a 6-speed gearbox. The fuel tank volume is 12L, although it is not large for an ADV model, but combined with the CB150X vehicle, the curb weight is less than 140KG, which is still very good.


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