Honda announces the price of the NT1100 sports wagon

Honda announces the price of the NT1100 sports wagon

After Honda successively released the new sports wagon NT1100 in Europe and Japan, Honda officially released the DCT version in Taiwan recently. It is a little cheaper than the CRF1100L "Fei Shuang" (it is said to be priced at NT$66.3w in Taiwan), and it is estimated that the domestic price is around 200,000.


The released NT1100 draws on the design of X-ADV on the head, and is dubbed the "fat head fish" shape by riders. However, the use of this design on the touring model will improve better aerodynamics and wind resistance protection.


In addition to the huge front, it also provides five adjustable windshields, side windshields extending on both sides and knee spoilers, all of which ensure the comfort of long-distance road cruising.

The power and electronic control are basically the same as those of the "African Twin". It is equipped with an actual displacement 1084cc inline twin-cylinder water-cooled engine with a maximum horsepower of 97.8 horsepower. It is matched with a 6-speed DCT dual-clutch gearbox. Custom modes, traction control, anti-lock braking system, cruise control, emergency brake warning, electrically heated grips, TFT touch gauges and more.

The fuel tank is 20.4L, the sitting height is 820mm, the car weight is 248kg, the front and rear 17-inch wheels, the front 120 and the rear 180 tires, plus the SHOWA SFF-BP 43mm inverted front shock absorber and dual front disc brakes, all of which are typical road touring settings.

If the price is as guessed, then its competitiveness is really not high. The price of 200,000 is not chosen by young people, and the old guns are not interested in it, and there are a lot of adventure rally cars that can make cameo appearances. What do you think about this?

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