Honda Africa Twin is going to equip adaptive cruise?

Honda Africa Twin is going to equip adaptive cruise?

The ACC active cruise control system has been gradually extended to motorcycles. At the end of 2020, BMW, Ducati and KTM have already launched the first models equipped with the ACC system. Honda is not behind in this market. After the previous exposure of the ACC patent of the Golden Wing, the Africa Twin series also has the patent exposure of the ACC headlight radar.

In the patent documents exposed by Honda, it can be seen that in addition to the sensing radar, the layout of the camera lens is also added. The sensing radar can detect the distance between the motorcycle and the bike in front, and the lens can assist in identifying the braking of the bike in front. Lighting changes such as lights, signs, etc., mean that the future Honda ACC may have more advanced driving assistance functions.

It can be seen from the patent diagram that Honda intends to install the sensing radar, lens, etc. below the lamps, which is also a relatively good position for the Africa Twin with a relatively high seat height; the rear part of the motorcycle is to install the radar in the rear Soil removal, the top of the motorcycled stand; however, there may be some doubts about whether this position will be covered by the bumper or even the muddy water sprayed.

But in any case, seeing that Africa Twin has also registered ACC-related patents is definitely good news for users who love this large adventure off-road bike. After all, this type of bike is born to allow riders to ride long distances. With the assistance of ACC, riders are more relaxed and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the spacious road.


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