Harley Unveils 2022 "Pan Am" 1250ADV

Harley Unveils 2022

The Harley Pan American "Pan American" adventure tourer, as one of the first updated Harley models in 2022, has also been updated simultaneously in China. The 2022 model has changed and optimized the appearance color matching and electronic accessories.

In terms of appearance, the 2022 model has added a speed blue/white sand pearl color, but it only appears on the Special customized version. The wild and rough "big mouth flat front" is still its biggest feature.


In terms of electronic control, the activation time of the Hill Hold ramp assist function has been extended from 10 seconds to several minutes. This optimization can help the driver to control the vehicle more easily. In addition, the UI layout of the TFT color display has been optimized to make it More clear visibility.


In terms of power, it is still equipped with a 1250 water-cooled V-cylinder variable valve engine with 152 horsepower and five power modes to choose from;


In terms of configuration, it provides a six-axis inertial unit, cornering ABS, TCS and other rich safety configurations; the semi-active front and rear suspension supported automatic adjustment seats are still a major feature of "Pan Am", which gradually decreases according to the speed of the vehicle. When it senses that the driver needs to stop and stop, the electronic shock absorber automatically lowers by 25mm-50mm.


Even though this adventure car of Harley has been a great success, it still cannot shake off the inherent retro cruise car impression for those who are unfamiliar with it. Equivalent model sales for KTM.

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