Flagship adventure motorcycle - Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

Flagship adventure motorcycle - Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin

In the eyes of ordinary people, a motorcycle is a tool showing cool. Just imagine how it feels to drive a motorcycle roaring on the road and attract the attention of others. However, in the eyes of real motorcycle enthusiasts, their motorcycles actually have many subdivisions and attention, such as those suitable for road running, suitable for running mountain roads, and suitable for off-road adventures. Every motorcycle has its application and scenes. Today, let's take this adventurous Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin as an example to see what kind of strength it has to allow riders to ride it to explore more deeply.

From the appearance, it is easy to see that this Honda Africa Twin is not only suitable for riding on general roads, but also suitable for taking it to adventure challenges. The shape of the CRF1100L Africa Twin is very streamlined and aggressive, which makes people who like sports fall in love at first sight. A pair of sharp headlights are matched with the "eyes" of this Honda Shuangfei! In order to meet the adventurous journey that the owner may go, the designers have strengthened the motorcycle, and the strength of the body structure has reached a high level. In addition, the choice of body material was changed from iron to aluminum alloy, which reduced the weight of the whole motorcycle by several kilograms and achieved the lightweight goal. The tail section of the exhaust pipe of the whole motorcycle does not look long, but it matches the overall feeling of the bike more.

This motorcycle uses a 6.5-inch full-color instrument panel, the display effect of the screen is very outstanding, and the effect that can be displayed is very rich. For example, the rider can set the display content he wants according to the riding mode. This screen uses a touch function called MID, and can also be connected to a mobile phone. As long as it is connected using Bluetooth, you can adjust the sound settings, set the navigation and make calls.

For a motorcycle, appearance is not enough, and powerful performance is an important factor that riders will consider when choosing a bike. This Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin has an engine with a displacement of 1082cc. Of course, the manufacturing materials of the engine have also been lightweighted. The designer has also redesigned the material and gear ratio, so the entire engine is a few pounds lighter. For a motorcycle, a few kilos lighter can still bring a significant speed-up effect.


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