Equipment Recommended for Motorcycle Touring Beginners

Equipment Recommended for Motorcycle Touring Beginners

For the first motorcycle trip, the basic equipment we need to prepare is a four-piece set: 1. Helmet, 2. Riding gear, 3. Phone or GPS mounts; 4. Rain gear

1. Helmets
If it is a long-distance motorcycle trip, a full-face helmet is recommended first, for the highest safety and comfort. There are many full-face helmets on the market, and basically those certified by 3C have protective functions. Prices range from more than 100 to thousands, and you could choose the one that suits you according to your economic situation.
It is emphasized here that if it involves rushing to the road at night, do not install silver-plated lenses, because it is really hard to see at night, and there are potential safety hazards. Silver-plated lenses are only suitable for use during the day when the light is better.

2. Riding Gear
Riding Gear is mainly used to protect all parts of our body below the head, especially the joints, during long-distance motorcycle touring. Therefore, when choosing riding gears, at least we need to have protective gear for our elbows, shoulders, backs, knees and hips. Although it seems complicated, the general riding gear on the market basically has protective gear in these places. In autumn and winter, in addition to these, what is needed is a thermal liner to prevent heat loss, especially in northern or high altitude areas.

3. Phone or GPS Bracket
It is recommended to have a bracket with a grappling hook, no matter how much shaking it will not drop the phone or GPS.

4. Rain gear
The rain gear is a multi-purpose equipment for long-distance motorcycle travel. The split raincoat is recommended here, which is easy to put on and take off. When it rains, it can be added to the outside of the cycling clothes, which can prevent rain and wind and keep warm, and the effect is better than that of cycling clothes.

The above are the basic four-piece sets that the novice motorcycle riders need to prepare. Of course, other equipment needed can be arranged according to the actual situation of the motorcycle brigade. When traveling on a motorcycle, no matter how good the equipment is, it is more effective than careful and safe driving. The equipment is used to prevent accidents and save lives. You must not take it lightly even you have protective gear.


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