Does a motorcycle model have to be an ADV? Equipped with three boxes, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

Does a motorcycle model have to be an ADV? Equipped with three boxes, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages?

Compared with motorcycle travel, motorcycle travel has a stronger sense of experience and gain. At the same time, motorcycles can pass more roads than motorcycles, and they can go to places that motorcycles cannot. With the heating up of motorcycle brigade, the market of ADV models has been stimulated. Rally models with three boxes are often encountered on the road of motorcycle brigade. Today's topic is whether the touring motorcycle must be an ADV or not. Is it really safe to go on the road with three boxes as standard?
1. Choice of a touring motorcycle
There are various types of motorcycles you can meet on the motorcycle touring. In addition to the common ADV rally models, there are pedals, street motorcycles, cruise motorcycles, etc. Even the squat racing models are used for motorcycle travel. It can be seen that the waist strength of riders is quite Great! Therefore, for motorcycle models, it is not necessarily limited to ADV rally models. It's just that the ADV rally model has a more comfortable riding posture compared to other motorcycles, and the waist will not be so easily affected. In addition, the rally motorcycle has a stronger ability to deal with non-paved roads, and there will be various conditions on the road. Overall, the performance of the rally motorcycle is the best.

2. Does it need to be equipped with three boxes?
Three boxes are actually not necessary for every bike. Why are some ADV models equipped with three boxes? In fact, the biggest advantage of three boxes is that it has more storage space. It takes a relatively long time to go out for a motorcycle trip, and there are many items to be motorcycleried. Hanging three boxes on the motorcycle can motorcyclery more items. Another advantage of the other three boxes is that when the motorbike falls, it is responsible for supporting the safe space that cannot be pushed, so as to ensure that the feet will not be pressed.
However, there are also certain disadvantages to hanging three boxes of motorcycles. First of all, three boxes will increase the weight of the motorbike, the resistance of driving will also increase, and the fuel consumption of the motorbike will also increase. For example, a motorcycle with three boxes is more than a motorcycle without three boxes. Save a liter of oil. In addition, if there are a lot of things in three boxes, you will feel that the motorbike has a light head and a heavy tail, which will have a certain impact on the guidance of the motorbike. The unbalanced weight of things can even lead to a "death swing" that can easily cause injury to inexperienced riders.

All in all, friends who want to travel on motorcycles can choose a suitable model according to their actual needs. Regarding the issue of three boxes of motorbikes, three boxes are necessary for long-distance travel, but the speed of the motorbike must be grasped. And the distribution of the items in the three boxes is balanced. For daily short-distance journeys, the three boxes can be used without any need, and it is the best state to ride lightly on the road.


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