Do you need to warm up your motorcycle in winter?

Do you need to warm up your motorcycle in winter?

What is warming up motorcycle? In winter, when the outside air temperature is low, the temperature of the engine is also relatively low. Under such circumstances, the engine cannot run normally and the motorbike cannot be accelerated. Therefore, after entering the winter, some bike owners do not rush to drive the bike after starting the bike, but let the bike roar in place, but is this correct? In situ heating up the bike is a traditional way of heating up the bike, which can indeed increase the temperature of the engine and make it run normally, but it also causes fuel waste, and if the time is too long, it will also cause a certain degree of damage to the engine, resulting in adverse consequences such as engine bikebon deposition.

So is it possible to start driving without warming up the bike? This is also not correct, because the engine temperature is low, and the internal oil has also settled to the bottom, and suddenly starting the bike will easily cause engine wear and affect the service life of the bike. Therefore, warming up our bike is the inevitable choice before riding in winter and the question is how to warm up it! As the heart of the bike, the engine is the most important position of the bike. If the engine is damaged, the performance of the bike will also be affected. In-situ heating of the bike will not only cause bikebon deposits on the spark plugs, which will affect the service life of the spark plugs, but also a large amount of bikebon monoxide will be generated when the bike is heated in place for a long time, which may cause bikebon monoxide poisoning.

Nowadays, the way of warming up the motorcycle has changed. Instead of using the method of warming up the motorcycle on the spot, start the motorcycle slowly and drive at a low speed within three to five minutes to allow the engine to have a process of adaptation. When the temperature of the engine increases to a certain level When it is time to return to normal driving conditions. It has to be said that the vehicles of that era a few decades ago used motorcycleburetors. At that time, if the vehicle was not warmed up, the engine would have unstable idle speed, and the effect of gasoline combustion would become very poor, and it will turn off soon after driving too far.

And now warming up the bike before riding is also a must! There's no doubt about it. It's just warming up the motorcycle is completely different from the motorcyclebureted motorcycle of the past 20 years. Now the engine technology is very mature, basically like electronic injection, direct injection or dual injection, which can intelligently adjust the temperature of the engine, so the method of heating the motorcycle in place is not necessary. As long as the engine is running, all the parts inside the motorcycle are in motion, and the oil is pumped from the oil pump from the moment it is ignited, and it continuously circulates in the engine to cool and lubricate. In dozens of seconds, it is no longer necessary for riders to deliberately warm up the motorcycle in place for a long time, and the motorcycle can already warm up quickly by itself.

And only when the temperature is lower than minus 35 ℃, the engine and oil may not work properly. At that time, it is really necessary to warm up the motorcycle on the spot. Of course, when driving in snowy weather, you must not brake suddenly, the danger of side slip is more dangerous than hitting directly.

(Reprinted from Halo Moto)

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