Do you know why motorcycles have windshields installed?

Do you know why motorcycles have windshields installed?

Windshield, mostly refers to the plexiglass used in front of the motorcycle to guide airflow and resist foreign objects. But its material and our common glass are two completely different materials.

For Touring Motorcycles, the orientation of the windshield is less extreme. On the one hand, it must take into account the rider's comfortable sitting position and block the oncoming high-speed airflow. On the other hand, it must also take into account the guidance of high-speed airflow and increase the high-speed stability of the vehicle.

Therefore, we can see windshields of various sizes on Touring Motorcycles, including tall and transparent windshields that Harley owners like, adjustable-angle windshields like the Honda GL1800, and even the ones that can be raised and lowered by Indian road masters.
The advantage of a large windshield is obvious. Even if the rider is not wearing a helmet, the windshield can reduce the impact of high-speed airflow on the head, and can also prevent small splashing stones from directly hitting the human body. However, the disadvantage of the oversized windshield is also obvious, which will increase the driving resistance and even affect the driving stability of the vehicle.
So, what are the benefits of installing a windshield?
1. This is the most practical modification
Reducing wind resistance can reduce driving fatigue. It's that simple! Whether it's a short weekend trip or a long week trip, staying alert and in good shape in the saddle can help you get to your destination safely. In inclement weather, the windshield provides increased comfort and protection from the elements. You're not going to like the feeling of drenching the front of your body when riding in the rain, or getting frostbite when riding in cold weather. You can block these damages with a windshield.

2. This is the most affordable modification
There are many things you can add to your motorcycle to increase your riding pleasure or improve your motorcycle's performance. And a windshield is a low-cost investment, but it pays big dividends because it can definitely improve your driving experience. Even a high-end windshield range is a small investment compared to the price of a suspension upgrade, exhaust system or improved engine performance. In fact, windshields are really affordable. You can buy two different sizes or styles of windshields to increase the daily use of motorcycles.

3. Block the wind and waves
Windshields can help you fight fatigue, back pain and even a strained arm by removing wind and waves from your face and chest. Allows less air to push your body for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. Motorcycle windshields are specially designed and crafted to divert the wind away from the rider. Fewer bumps means more comfort.

4. Weather protection
It's not surprising that windshields can divert both hot, dry, turbulent air, as well as turbulent, cold, wet air naturally. Whether it's windy or rainy, windshields and weather changes are the main factors you should take into account when you hit the road with your motorcycle. This is especially important when you're 500 miles (or more) from home, when you don't have the time or money to spend in a dry, warm motel room on a rainy day. Comfort and enjoyment always come first. Staying warm and dry can extend your ride time and allow you to walk more trails in safety.

5. Debris Protection
While windshields are designed to provide wind protection and increased ride comfort, if you're on the road in unexpected situations, such as oncoming rocks, and you don't have a sturdy windshield, you'll very much wish you can have one.
Of course, we don't recommend that your friends throw hammers at you while you ride to prove this point.

(Reprinted from Halo Moto)

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