Do you have any good countermeasures when it snows on a motorcycle trip?

Do you have any good countermeasures when it snows on a motorcycle trip?
How do we ensure safe driving when motorcycles encounter bad weather like snow?
Let's classify several types of snow and precautions first.

Light Snow:
The snow on the road usually melts away in a while, and it is not a threat to normal riding.
Usually accompanied by a sudden drop in temperature, you need to pay attention to keeping warm. The reason why the small snowflakes that have just landed will melt quickly is because the ground temperature is not low, so it is difficult for the small snow to cause conditions such as icing on the road.

Things to keep in mind when it's light snow:
Roughly similar to the precautions for riding in the rain, keep a good distance between the cars. Due to the low tire temperature and the slippery road surface, it is best to slow down in advance when cornering, and pay attention to the extended braking distance caused by the slippery ground.

Moderate Snow:
Snowflakes will start accumulating on the road, which is a great hindrance to riding.
Moderate snow is an all-round upgraded version of light snow, only because of the fast snowfall and the large amount of snowfall. The ground temperature has done little to help melt them, leaving snowflakes to accumulate on the road.

Matters needing attention in moderate snowy days:
On the highway and in places where no snowmelting agent is placed, please try to follow the existing lanes, keep the distance between the vehicles, and remember to observe the vehicles coming from behind.
As for how to pass the corner, of course it is slow! slow! slow!

Heavy snow:
Based on the accumulation of snow on the road, you can see at a glance that it is basically impossible to ride in this weather.
Are you still going for a ride? Let's build a snowman together, shall we?

Things to keep in mind on heavy snowy days:
Don't go out on a bike, don't go out on a bike.

It's the kind of snowy day you don't even want to go out.

What should we do if we encounter such weather on the motorcycle touring?
1. Arrange the route reasonably according to the weather conditions, and follow your own feeling in light snow and moderate snow. Find the nearest rest point in the case of heavy snow and icy roads, and wait patiently for the snow to stop. Don't flaunt your superiority now, your life matters.
2. Extend the distance between vehicles, slow down, and get off the bike if necessary.
3. Pay attention to the road conditions, and be careful to pass through icy places. If the road conditions are really bad, the sides of the shoulder are also an option to consider.

If you had been already caught in heavy snow and icy road conditions, you'd better follow the lane of the vehicle in front of you in heavy snow. When the road is icy, road tires can tentatively check whether the road surface is slippery or not. If you could continue to ride, please be sure to slow down. If it's slippery, don't try it, or it'll take more time if you fall.
All-terrain tires can tentatively try on snowy roads without ruts, which are not as slippery as ice.

Are there any magic gadgets that can help a little on the trip?
1. Tire chains:
According to the reviews, they are only suitable for small-displacement motorbikes, and tendon chains fit for scooters and large-displacement bikes.
2. Anti-slip cable ties:
The main function is the same as the tire chain, but it is more convenient to carry, install and disassemble, and it is cheaper. Except for the very special wheels, it is basically applicable to the whole bike series.
3. Anti-skid rope:
There is also a rope to replace the anti-slip measures of the above tools, which can be used in an emergency, but in the long run, I am afraid that the rope will be worn and broken, which will cause a bigger accident (of course, you can use a rope with a better material).

In general, it is definitely not recommended to ride in snow. If it is unavoidable, preparing appropriate tools and awareness of safe driving can ensure everyone's driving safety to the greatest extent.

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