Desert is no longer a patent of KTM. Ducati DesertX debuts!

Desert is no longer a patent of KTM. Ducati DesertX debuts!

At the end of 2021, Ducati released a new ADV model, DesertX, which is of epoch-making significance for Ducati. We all know that the Ducati ADV series are all carried by Multistrada alone, and DesertX is outside the Multistrada series, which shows us Ducati's ambition to compete in the hardcore ADV market. You won't find any familiar Ducati elements on the DesertX, not even the classic Ducati Red. And this kind of hard and boundless classic appearance is derived from the Dakar champion model Cagiva Elefant750/900 in the 1990s. Now this pure off-road pedigree returns to Ducati, with a lighter 937cc V-Twin engine. Hardcore front 21-inch, rear 18-inch wheels, 230mm long-travel suspension, professional rally riding mode, almost any off-road configuration you can find on a KTM ADV, DesertX only equips more but not less, and this is just the beginning of Ducati's efforts.

Although DesertX is powered by a 937cc Testastretta 11 ° engine, there are some differences in the frame of the familiar Multistrada 950/V2. And the combination of the asymmetrical large fuel tank and fewer plastic panels makes it more capable of handling long distances and harsh road conditions than the Multistrada series models.

Ducati has not been involved in the off-road field for decades, and the closest model to off-road is the Scrambler Desert Sled; while DesertX is heading towards a more professional off-road. Through the lightweight frame and engine, unnecessary decorative parts are reduced, and the weight of the vehicle is controlled to 202kg. This is a surprising statistic in a quasi-liter or liter adventure motorcycle.

DesertX allows riders to have a more flexible riding experience when riding off-road through a slimmer body and seat cushion. Of course, the hard-core side of DesertX is far more than that. Lightweight high-level exhaust, off-road pedals, and even DQS quick exhaust and steering dampers have become its standard equipment.

The highly recognizable dual-source light design pays tribute to the Cagiva Elefant 900 while adding modern technological elements. LED is an inevitable option. Of course, this style is also the first to appear in a Ducati model.

A more aerodynamic deflector can efficiently removes heat for maximum comfort.

The hardware configuration of DesertX also showed a very high level. In addition to the front 21-inch and rear 18-inch vacuum spoked rims, it also has Brembo M50 opposite four-piston calipers. In terms of the suspension system that tests the most off-road performance, DesertX is equipped with a fully adjustable KYB 47mm inverted fork with 230mm travel, and a 220mm travel KYB mid-mounted shock absorber at the rear, which is also fully adjustable. It is this exaggerated suspension setting that also makes it useful for the ultra-high ground clearance of 250mm.

Another surprising hardcore configuration is the auxiliary fuel tank. As the first hardcore ADV model with a sub-tank, DesertX chose a very reasonable position. Not only does it adopt a conformal design, but the additional capacity of 8L can expand the fuel reserve of the vehicle to 29L.

The auxiliary fuel tank can be directly controlled by the vehicle. In addition to real-time monitoring, it can also be used according to conditions. Of course, this configuration of the auxiliary fuel tank is optional, and it will sacrifice the passenger seat.

The designer designed a 5-inch full-color vertical screen for DesertX, whose style imitated the road book of a rally motorcycle. Of course, you can really get Road book style navigation (Turn by Turn navigation) on this system, just connecting your phone.

DesertX has almost unreservedly all features of the flagship models of Multistrada in terms of electronic control. In addition to the standard cornering ABS and DTC, it also has advanced functions such as DWC wheel control, EBC engine braking control and cruise control. And in the riding mode, the RALLY mode for the masters appeared for the first time. In this mode, the ABS system is completely disabled, while still being able to pass 100% full power output.

In terms of power system, although it is still powered by the familiar 937cc Testastretta 11 ° engine, the engine is 1.7kg lighter after weight reduction. In terms of data, this engine can produce a maximum power of 81kW (110 horsepower)/9250rpm and a maximum torque of 92Nm/6500rpm. The transmission gear ratios have also been re-tuned for off-road riding. The first five gears are shortened, especially 1-2 gears, to get more torque for off-road riding; the remaining 6 gears are used for long distances on the road.

The appearance of DesertX will mean that KTM 890 Adventure, Tiger 900 Rally Pro, F 850 GS Adventure, Husqvarna Norden 901, YAMAHA Tenere 700, Aprilia Tuareg 660 and other models have ushered in a strong European rival.


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