Comparison of five upgraded multi-purpose touring motorcycles

Comparison of five upgraded multi-purpose touring motorcycles

As Honda's just-released NT1100 utility wagon, it gives us a glimpse of what's going on in the European market.

Honda NT1100, it is more suitable for travel than the African twin. The real travel is to use the comfort given by technology. The positioning setting of the NT1100 is more inclined to this, so what other models are similar to it?

1. Yamaha's new TRACER 9, with the running texture of the three-cylinder engine, will make the journey easier, the adjusted torque makes the flexibility very obvious, and the rich electronic control makes travel very interesting.

2. Kawasaki's VERSYS 1000 SE, the calmness of the inline four-cylinder engine is innate, and the intervention of various configurations makes the longer journey significantly more comfortable.

3. Suzuki's V-Strom 1050, a V-twin engine, has always been a frequent visitor in this field. The 1050 after the major facelift is even more eye-catching.

4. BMW's S1000XR, four-cylinder engine, super sports car engine, makes it a steady stream of power, rich and diverse electronic control, making riding very enjoyable.

The above models all have excellent road capabilities and obvious advantages, such as Yamaha's torque, Kawasaki's smoothness, Suzuki's stability, BMW's technology, and Honda's DCT.

It will also be difficult for a person who has travelled long distances for many years to make a choice, however, once the distance and uncertainty of the trip are magnified, the NT1100 will be highlighted, followed by the TRACER 9 and the third is the S1000XR.How do you rank it?


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