Camping|Portable and practical 10 pieces of equipment suitable for motorcycle camping

Camping|Portable and practical 10 pieces of equipment suitable for motorcycle camping

Many motorcyclists yearn for a motorcycle tour in pursuit of freedom, and camping during the trip will make this motorcycle tour more memorable. When it comes to camping, everyone will think of a bunch of equipment, but the carrying capacity of motorcycles is limited, and it cannot be as complete as RV camping. Therefore, in this issue, we recommend 10 lightweight, portable and powerful camping equipment for everyone.

Folding tent
Although camping does not absolutely require tents, and some riders are comfortable lying down and sleeping in the open air, a tent can provide a private space to shelter from the wind and rain in the wild, which can add comfort to the entire camping experience. For camping tents on motorcycle trips, it is recommended that you choose a style that is small, light, and easy to carry, but it is best to have a rain-proof and moisture-proof function to prevent yourself and electronic equipment from getting wet in rainy days.

Sleeping bag
The tent does protect from the wind and rain, but in the face of the large temperature difference between day and night, it is difficult for the tent to keep warm. Therefore, sleeping bags have become essential camping equipment during travel. Among all kinds of sleeping bags, mummy-type sleeping bags are undoubtedly the best thermal insulation, and can be drilled into from head to toe. Even if the temperature drops at night, we don’t need to wear hats and scarves to sleep, and some sleeping bags can even stay warm in sub-zero temperatures.

Inflatable sleeping pad
As a supplement to sleeping bags, sleeping pads help isolate wet, uneven surfaces and provide a drier, more comfortable sleeping environment. With the sleeping pad under your body, you no longer have to worry about sleeping well when camping. In order to facilitate the carrying of motorcycles, inflatable sleeping pads are more recommended. When you get up and pack your luggage the next morning, the deflated sleeping pad can be rolled into a water bottle-sized cylinder, which is very light and easy to carry.

Folding chair
When you want to sit down and rest during a motorcycle trip, everyone is used to finding a stone or a log, or simply sitting on the ground, which really reduces the amount of equipment that you carry with you. But if you want to sit comfortably in a clean and dry place, then bringing a foldable chair is the best option, because it can greatly improve the comfort of motorcycle travel and camping without adding too much luggage .

Multi-Fuel Camping Stove
Unless you want to experience the original camping style of chopping wood and making a fire and survival in the wilderness, carrying a small camping stove with you will make camping life easier. It is more suitable to carry a small multi-fuel camping stove during the motorcycle journey. On the one hand, it will not increase too much volume and weight. On the other hand, any liquid fuel can be used, including gasoline, diesel, alcohol, etc. Take it with you and enjoy a hot meal at every meal on the road.

Folding cooker
Bringing a set of foldable cookware is a great option if you're planning to boil water for cooking in the wild, or want to brew a cup of coffee on a break. Unlike regular pots and pans, folding cookware folds neatly and nests within each other. Not only can you make a fire for cooking, but you can also use it as a rice bowl and water cup.

Folding water bottle
Motorcycle camping will inevitably experience wind and sun, sweat and fatigue, especially in summer or desert areas, it is particularly important to replenish water anytime and anywhere. If riders feel that ordinary water bottles and thermos cups are too bulky, you might as well try a folding water bottle. In the storage state, it is small and light in weight, which is very suitable for travel.

Utility knife
Whether or not you often travel and camp, it is not a bad thing for riders to have a set of multi-purpose tool knives. Because you never know when you'll suddenly need a screwdriver, blade, bottle opener, scissors, or pliers when you're out and about. When we plan to live in the wild for a few days, the multi-purpose tool knife is more practical and necessary, and its small size and weight will not add too much burden to the motorcycle.

Rechargeable headlight
If you're a frequent camper, you should know the usefulness of head-mounted lights. Different from homestays or hotels, tents in the wild are completely dark at night, and it is difficult to find things and go to the toilet without lights. If you have a headlamp on your head, camping at night is really convenient. Among them, rechargeable LED headlights are more recommended, because these products are light enough, small enough, bright enough, and do not need to consider changing batteries, very suitable for motorcycle camping.

Solar power charger
A smartphone is a must-have no matter where the motorcycle travels. Maps, navigation, search, social networking, entertainment, emergency calls, etc. all need to rely on mobile phones, so charging the mobile phone has become the top priority in the motorcycle journey. We only need to bring a portable solar charger, which can perfectly solve the mobile phone charging problem when the motorcycle is camping. Even if it is cloudy and rainy, as long as there is light, there is no need to worry about the mobile phone running out of power.


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