Buell Unveils Two New Motorcycles - Super Touring Motorcycle and Liter Dirt Bike

Buell Unveils Two New Motorcycles - Super Touring Motorcycle and Liter Dirt Bike

On February 23, 2021, the brand Buell, which had been out of production for many years, announced its comeback. From its establishment in 1983 to its acquisition, discontinued in 2009 and returned in 2021, the brand has gone through 38 years. As an emerging old brand, Buell launched the Hammerhead 1190 RX at the beginning of its comeback. The motorcycle is equipped with a 72-degree V-twin engine with a maximum horsepower of 185 hp.

Recently in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA, at Daytona Motorcycle Week, Buell brought two new models: Super Touring 1190 and Baja DR.

The Super Touring 1190 is positioned as a touring motorcycle, based on the "Hammock Shark" 1190 RX. Equipped with the same 1190cc 72o V-twin engine, it has a maximum power of 185hp and a maximum torque of 130N·m. It is also like its name "Super Touring" and claims to be the fastest touring motorcycle in the world.

The appearance of the actual motorcycle is very close to the previous renderings. The huge body is full of angular design.

The most special is the two round headlights in the box, a completely vertical windshield, and Buell's signature brake discs.

Production and deliveries of the Super Touring 1190 are expected to begin in the fall, with a pre-sale price of $21,995.

The second motorcycle on the scene, the Baja DR, is even more exaggerated. It uses the same engine as the previous one, but the maximum power is reduced to 175hp. Have you ever seen such a terrifying liter V2 off-road vehicle?

The Baja DR looks more like a prototype bike than mass production status, but it's also available for pre-order for $19,995.


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