BMW unveils 2022 K1600 series

BMW unveils 2022 K1600 series

When it comes to top-level station wagons, everyone will think of the Honda Gold Wing and BMW K1600 series, both of which are flagship wagons with 6-cylinder engines. BMW officially released the 2022 K1600 series. In addition to meeting the latest emission standards, it has also made many upgrades.

There are 4 models in the 2022 K1600 series:
K1600GT: $23,895
K1600GTL: $26,895
K1600B: $22,545
K1600B Grand America: $27,745

A major focus of the facelift is the change of the front of the motorcycle. The iconic headlight group that looks like an "owl" in the past has been changed, and the latest LED lighting system is adopted. It has the function of adaptive auxiliary lighting. The pitch angle ensures that the road has the most complete lighting range when turning, accelerating and braking.

In order to enhance the sense of luxury, BMW also added the optional "welcome light" to the K1600 series. As long as it is close to the vehicle, the bottom will project lights.

The powertrain is still a 1649cc inline-six, water-cooled engine that, while still making 160 hp, now hits 6,750rpm (1,000rpm earlier than before). As for maximum torque, it changes from 175N·m to 180N·m at 5,250rpm. There's also Dynamic Engine Brake Control (MSR), which prevents the rear wheels from slipping when accelerating too hard or downshifting abruptly.

The K1600 series is also equipped with BMW's new generation of dynamic ESA electronic suspension, which automatically adjusts the damping force of the front and rear shock absorbers, as well as a full-load automatic compensation system.

The whole series comes standard with a 10.25-inch TFT full-color instrument, with the function of mobile phone Bluetooth interconnection, which can display functions such as music, navigation, and calls, and can be displayed on a split screen.

The K1600GTL and K1600B Grand America also get an audio upgrade to Audio System 2.0, while the K1600GT and K1600B are listed as optional items.

2022 BMW K1600GT

2022 BMW K1600GTL

2022 BMW K1600B

2022 BMW K1600B Grand America


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