After riding for so long, you should know what to pay attention to in motorcycle travel

After riding for so long, you should know what to pay attention to in motorcycle travel

As more and more people join the big family of motorcycle tours, whether you are traveling for a long distance or a short and medium distance motorcycle tour, I believe that reading the following will definitely help you.

 If you want to park your car overnight, you should bring more locks. You can lock four or five locks. You won’t suffer from too many locks. It’s better than being stolen outside.

All keys must be carried in duplicate (experience: buy a mobile phone strap and put the keys on, wear them around your neck, and you will never lose them).

Do not wear clothes and trousers made of cloth when going out for a long journey, because cloth is easy to eat soil and ashes. It is recommended that nylon or scratch-resistant cloth is best made of leather (experience: jeans are the most soil-eating, and do not have any protection, so don't wear them). You must not wear a helmet that is too good or too new on a long-distance motorcycle tour. The flying sand and rocks on the road will make you feel heartache and doubt your life; why wear it on such a broken road! Remember not to turn on the air duct switch of the helmet, otherwise the air duct will be filled with soil in a short time, and it will be very difficult to clean.

Please rest at the gas station, don't park your car on the side of the road, and don't park on a curved road. (Trucks approaching turning may not necessarily see you).

Refuel every 100 kilometers, develop a good habit (you may not find a gas station immediately when you want to refuel), bring a towel, and wash your face when you get to the gas station.

Don't struggle with trucks on the road. They are called large displacements. Don't ask for trouble. The driver's book and the driving book must be carried on you at all times.

Bring some commonly used medical supplies (such as: Band-Aid, absolute alcohol, cotton, anti-diarrheal medicine, cold medicine, etc.)

Be sure to pay special attention to controlling your speed at the beginning and near the end of your trip (prone to accidents, because you are too excited). The car you just got, the car you don’t drive often, the car that is good and bad, you should just keep it at home and enjoy it, don’t ride it out.

Don't carry the things you carry on your back during long-distance riding. You should install three boxes or fix them on the back of the car.

It is best to travel without people (sitting in the back will be uncomfortable and affect the driver's maneuverability).

Do not use the fuel tank bag for long-distance travel, it is only fixed by the magnets on both sides, it is not reliable, and it will be blown off when the speed is fast.

When driving at night, the big truck will not change the dipped beam, so don't force it when the opposite light is too strong to see, it is better to stop and wait for it to drive away before you move on.

The license plate must be installed tightly when traveling, otherwise it will definitely fall off when the road conditions are not good.

Take more rest on the road, such as eating something, exercising your muscles and bones, etc. Long-distance riding is very exhausting (don't eat too much, eat less and more meals, and your stomach will bloat).

Don’t ride blindly when you don’t know the direction of the route. You must ask the locals for the direction before moving on, so as to avoid an extra 20 to 30 kilometers of wrong roads.

Limit your speed to three-quarters of your riding capacity, and don't ask why. Buy some targeted accident insurance, no one wants anything to happen, but it's always good to be prepared.

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