Adventure Motorcycle for Beginners - Versys X300

Adventure Motorcycle for Beginners - Versys X300

As a small-displacement multi-purpose motorcycle on the market, the handling performance and off-road capability of the Kawasaki Versys X300 are excellent in the same class. A very important reason why this motorbike can become the first choice of entry-level motorcycle enthusiasts is its power composition. It uses a liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine derived from the Kawasaki Ninja series. The 296cc displacement is extremely linear and soft in terms of power output, making the vehicle very easy to handle, especially in some low torque and complex road conditions.

For an adventure utility motorcycle, the most important performance on the road is the passing performance of first, second and third gears, and this motorbike uses a sliding clutch to make shifting easier. The engine adopts a short gear transmission, which will produce a certain amount of engine vibration in the higher speed range. The whole bike can generate 32.3 horsepower at 11370 rpm, so as an adventure motorcycle, its acceleration ability at high speed is still good.

In terms of riding feel, if you use it for daily commuting, then its 41mm fork and Uni-Trak swingarm can transmit feedback from the road well. Even if you are riding standing up, you can safely step on the accelerator because you are agile enough. Although the weight of the whole vehicle is higher than that of the KTM390ADV, with good ground clearance and wheels of 19 in the front and 17 in the rear, it can maintain enough control over the vehicle even on potholes.

Although good in power performance, the Versys X300 still has room for improvement in braking. The overall performance is weak braking, which is also a common problem of Kawasaki in this series. For this requirement, it is recommended to replace the brake pads directly after getting the motorbike. In terms of ergonomics, the sitting height of this bike is lower than that of KTM390ADV, and the 820mm sitting height can be controlled by most riders; and the windshield can also offset part of the airflow below the neck.

The difference between the 2022 model and the previous model is that the new model cancels the iconic "Kawasaki Green" color matching, and adds a new color matching "Metallic Ocean Blue / Pearl Robotic White".

The new model still provides 41mm upright front shock absorber, Uni Trak multi-link structure & mid-mounted single rear shock absorber, front 290mm rear 220mm brake disc; standard dual-channel ABS and sliding clutch, fuel tank volume 17L, curb weight 184kg, sitting with a height of 815mm, which is still excellent in all aspects.


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