Advanced guide for motorcycle travel masters

Advanced guide for motorcycle travel masters
vehicle inspection
Do you really know your motorcycle?
A good locomotive condition is the premise of a wonderful journey,
Check the front and rear lighting systems of the vehicle,
Adjust the appropriate tire pressure according to the load,
Make sure that the engine and other drives have the correct amount of oil;
And the appropriate clutch and other handle positions,
It will make you and your car more tacit understanding during the journey;
In addition to checking strictly in accordance with the owner's manual,
We also recommend that these jobs be handed over to a professional
The motorcycle after-sales service personnel will handle it.

Pre-departure assessment
Everything about travel is here~
Do you know the weather conditions at your destination?
Have you researched a more ideal route?
Whether with "three boxes" or "side bags",
You should be ready with seasonal clothes,
Even enough portable camping gear;
But don't forget, and your self-assessment,
Your physical health is the key to travel.

while traveling
Stay on top of your travels
Make the most of your navigation, depending on traffic and fuel levels,
Constantly flexibly adjust the travel itinerary,
Regularly observe the state of the chain while driving,
Especially after road conditions such as sand and wading,
It is also necessary to lubricate and maintain the chain in time;
In addition, it is necessary to constantly detect the condition of the body,
Rest well during the journey,
Maintain sufficient physical strength + full concentration
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