A model of multi-purpose motorcycles - Ducati Multistrada V4 S

A model of multi-purpose motorcycles - Ducati Multistrada V4 S

As the Ferrari of the motorcycle industry, Ducati has always been at the top of the motorcycle circle in terms of appearance design and performance configuration, and many models of it have also paved the way for many enthusiasts to choose. Since ADV multi-purpose motorcycles have become popular in recent years, Ducati has also launched its own model to seize the market, which is Multistrada V4S. It seems to be a touring motorcycle. In fact, it can adapt four scenarios well, and truly achieves the title of generalist. Let's take a look at this motorcycle together.

Ducati's development of the Multistrada series is based on the 4-in-1 concept. What is 4 in 1? Literally, it means that four motorcycles are merged into one. More generally speaking, this series of motorcycles has four characteristics, namely "travel, rally, sports, city". In other words, this motorcycle needs to be comfortable to ride when traveling, full of sports riding fun, and able to commute in the city. It also needs to take into account the travel range and reliability in long-distance rally.

As a touring motorcycle, it is also the first motorcycle in the world to use the ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) system. During the riding process, Multistrada will judge the following distance according to the program, and automatically accelerate and decelerate with it, so that the whole vehicle is always in the safe range. The BSD (Blind Spot Detection System) is also used. When the rear vehicle enters the blind spot, there will be warning lights in the rear-view mirrors on both sides to inform the rider that a vehicle is approaching, so as to avoid some accidents caused by changing directions. Whether it is ACC or BSD, they are all part of the riding assistance radar system launched by Ducati on high-end motorcycles. In addition, the dynamic adjustment of the electronic suspension, as well as seat heating and handle heating can also make the riding experience of the whole vehicle more comfortable during travel.

In terms of rally, in order to ensure a certain off-road performance, it uses a 17-inch rear wheel and a 19-inch front wheel. This configuration belongs to the mainstream configuration of the current large ADV, and officially supports optional tires. Of course, when in the rally mode, the electronic skyhook suspension system can also play a strong road feedback, reducing the bumps on the bumpy road for the rider.

In terms of sports, once the power system of the whole vehicle is switched with the riding mode, it will enter the aggressive explosive mode, so that you will feel the continuous power output. With its flexible handling performance and high-degree-of-freedom riding posture, as long as you have certain skills, you can easily deal with sharp turns, which is not inferior to the feeling of some sports motorcycles in this regard.

Although the seat height of the Multistrada V4S reaches between 810 mm and 830 mm, the handling during riding can effectively offset the disadvantages of the seat height. This is also the reason why many riders around 170 cm can easily control it. And to further reduce the stress on the rider, an automatic start-stop system for slopes is also used. Once you hold the brake for a few seconds, the system will start and stop according to the angle measured by the IMU to avoid sliding.

Speaking of which, some people may say that Ducati's 4-in-1 is a common riding mode for other motorcycles. In fact, there are still differences. The difference is that this motorcycle has been considered in four aspects at the beginning of its design. From the hardware configuration, to the power performance, to the electronic control system, they all match each other. Just the V4 engine, Ducati spent 3 years on research and development. For other motorcycles, riding mode selection is implemented more at the software level. This riding mode is more about linking to adjust the power output response of the vehicle and the strength of traction control, so there is still a huge difference in essence.

Recently, V4 S has been updated. The 2022 Multistrada V4 S features a new Iceberg White colorway with red subframe and wheel stickers for a sleeker and more modern look. Configuration upgrades are mainly electronic suspension, adding a function similar to Harley's "Pan Am" self-adjusting shock spring preload. When riding at low speed in the city, the seat height can be automatically lowered, allowing riders and passengers to settle down more safely and easily. It is indeed a good setup for a large adventure motorcycle with a sitting height of more than 820mm. In addition, the operating system of the TFT interconnected instrument has been upgraded, and now it can support mobile phone screen projection.


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