2022 KTM 390 ADV unveiled! Added two riding modes

2022 KTM 390 ADV unveiled! Added two riding modes

The KTM 390 Adventure was released in 2019, and two years later, KTM has made the car more detailed and tougher.

The 390 ADV uses KTM's classic 373cc single-cylinder engine. Whether this engine is mounted on a Duke street bike or an RC imitation race, it has already developed quite maturely. The maximum horsepower is 43.5 ps/9000rpm, the peak torque is 37Nm/7000rpm, and the power is still the same as before.

In terms of electronic equipment, the 390 ADV is not only equipped with BOSCH 9.1 dual-channel ABS, MTC tracking control system, and a TFT full-color LCD instrument that can be connected to a mobile phone. The 2022 model takes advantage of the Ride by wire electronic throttle to add two riding modes: off-road and road: and KTM officially stated that the off-road mode can further improve the anti-skid effect of MTC without changing the user's needs. Allows a certain amount of rear wheel slip, making the car more enjoyable on unpaved roads.

At the same time, in addition to the cornering assist and free switch functions that the previous generation already had, ABS also added an off-road mode.

The 2022 390 Adventure maintains almost the same specifications as the previous generation in terms of shape, frame and size, but changes the aluminum alloy wheels to a lighter five-spoke design.

The 2022-style KTM 390 Adventure is currently available in two colors, black and orange. Details such as the official suggested price have not yet been announced.


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