2022 KTM-1290 ADVS Detailed Explanation

2022 KTM-1290 ADVS Detailed Explanation
In the new year, in addition to launching new motorcycles, manufacturers will also update their existing models. In addition to the adjustment of color matching, there are also some upgrades in functions and configurations. Improve the comprehensive performance of the model to gain the recognition of fans, thereby increasing sales. Today we’re going to talk about some of the changes to the 2022 KTM 1290 Super ADV S model.

As the flagship ADV model of the KTM family, the 2022 model has changed a lot; it can be seen as the adjustment of the body structure and the material and configuration of some components, making the performance of the whole vehicle to a higher level. The named S means that this is an all-purpose motorcycle, and its handling and passability on non-paved roads are higher than BMW's GS series.

In addition to the enhancement of body strength, the overall adjustment has also changed in terms of body size. At the same time, such large ADVs generally have a high sitting height for the sake of passing, but KTM has reduced the sitting height of the whole vehicle through structural adjustment. This is mainly due to the unique shape of the fuel tank. The lowering of the seat height brings about a lowering of the center of gravity, which improves the mobility of the vehicle.

As an S model, the electronic control uses the latest IMU measurement unit, which supports vehicle adjustment in various riding modes. Whether it is automatic mode or off-road mode, the finishing control is very handy, and the overall operation settings are also It has been simplified, which is helpful for off-road handling. A highlight in cruise is the configuration of adaptive cruise (ACC), which is also KTM's second vehicle after Ducati to be equipped with this type of assisted driving system, and is equipped with a front vehicle tracking system.

In terms of power, this 1301cc water-cooled 4-valve V-twin LC8 engine can provide a maximum power of 160 horsepower. The new model reduces the weight by 1kg by changing the thickness of the fairing. The suspension is the royal WP kit, which supports electronic control for adjustment, and obtains the best damping characteristics according to the riding state. The electronically controlled suspension also supports preload settings between 0-100%.

In terms of frame, the sub-frame has been newly designed, and the swing arm is slightly longer before the rocker arm, which improves the high-speed stability of the whole vehicle. The engine installation is tilted forward by 2 degrees, and the steering head is set 15mm in front, which improves the flexibility of turning. The shape of the exhaust pipe was modified to an oval shape, mainly for the purpose of installing the luggage compartment.

For such a high-performance ADV adventure motorcycle, it is the dream lover of many tough-guy riders; after all, you can take the road that other competitors have taken; but they may not be able to take the road that you can take.


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