2022 Honda Africa One, the younger brother of the Africa Twin

2022 Honda Africa One, the younger brother of the Africa Twin
HONDA CRF190L, it adopts HONDA's global impression of rallying appearance, classic three colors, full of sporty feeling, it is called "small non-double" or "non-single" in the market. The origin of this car can be understood as a rally version of the XR190L, which can not only meet the needs of commuting, but also meet the needs of light travel, as well as medium and light jungle crossings.

When it comes to cycling in the city, it is nothing more than the crowded roads to and from get off work, and the streets and alleys in your spare time to find delicious food in the corners. The large steering rudder angle is very convenient to turn around in a narrow space, and the adjustable windshield resists the cold winter wind. The original car is equipped with a USB charging port, so you no longer need a power bank when traveling. The 145KG light body is like a duck in water, and the 184.4cc power is abundant. It can be on call, and the 241mm ground clearance is easy to get on and off the road calculus. Every aspect tells us all the time that it is really close to the people!

Although the seat height of 830mm seems to be a thousand miles away, due to the narrow front of the seat cushion, the suspension adjustment is more comfortable, and it is not as stiff as a professional off-road vehicle after sitting on it, so it is completely unacceptable for riders over 160. problem.

The weekend is here, let go of the shackles of work, put aside the troubles of life, put on a helmet, put on protective gear, get on the war horse, unscrew the accelerator, and go on a short trip.

This trip is about 100 kilometers one way. Whether it is on a remote rural road or on a winding road surrounded by mountains, the comfortable riding triangle does not bring a bit of fatigue: the seat cushion is not wide, but it is thick! There is no discomfort, and it can even be said to be relatively comfortable. When riding in a sitting position, the legs can naturally clamp the fuel tank. From time to time, the height of the handlebars is more comfortable when riding in a standing position, and the arms are not elevated when riding in a sitting position. The feeling of fatigue can be described as taking into account the three postures of standing, squatting and sitting. The 14-liter fuel tank and the fuel consumption of two hundred kilometers are easily 500 kilometers, and there is no need to consider the problem of battery life.

Lightweight, easy to handle, high ground clearance, long-travel suspension, dual-cradle frame, wouldn't it be a pity not to go for a lap in the mountains? So, he headed into the woods. . . . . . The rubber anti-skid pads on the pedals are removed, and the serrated pedals are leaked. The front 19-inch rear 17-inch all-terrain tires have good grip. The electroplated spoke wheels are dazzling in the forest beam. The front 180mm long stroke shock absorption, rear Pro-link multi-link shock absorbers can filter out the vibration caused by most terrains. At this time, you only need to clamp the fuel tank and twist the throttle to dry.

In the process of riding on the forest road, I found that the vibration suppression of the whole vehicle is very good, the suspension adjustment is relatively comfortable, the power output is relatively smooth, and there is no hoarse roar and knock like the off-road vehicle, but the low speed of the first gear is obviously not good. It is too suitable for riding on the forest road. It is a bit like a state of dry roaring and no running, but full of torque. It may be caused by the fact that the maximum torque of the CBF190X is 1000 rpm earlier and the number of teeth of the rear chainring has been increased to 50 teeth, but at this time Just hang up the second gear, keep a certain speed and do not drag the gear, you can feel the fun of riding on the forest road.

From a distance, the lines of the vehicles blend into the contours of the mountain peaks, and the sunset slowly falls in the distance. The performance of the vehicles during the day made me realize again that there are only people who can't reach, and there are no cars that can't reach, as long as you are willing to unscrew them in the cold winter. Throttle, you can naturally see different scenery.

Since there are no street lights in many places on the way back, the effect of LED headlights is revealed: the tangent is clear, the brightness is sufficient, the pavement is not dazzling, and it will not shoot oncoming cars, which can be described as extremely comfortable. In terms of data, the reading is clear and not dazzling, and the turn signal has a strong penetrating power in the dark. In general, the lighting can give full marks.
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