18 little common sense of motorcycle travel, improve the "sense of security" on the road

18 little common sense of motorcycle travel, improve the
18 little common sense of motorcycle travel, improve the "sense of security" on the road

Motorcycle travel tips

For motorcyclists, there is no feeling more excited than the passion before embarking on a journey! But in addition to passion and excitement, we still need a very important feeling, that is, "sense of security". In the process of motorcycle travel, how to get a "sense of security"? In addition to a well-maintained motorcycle, you have to know how to deal with the unpredictable conditions on the road.

On the road, do not eat according to the usual early hours. This way you will spend less time with people waiting for food or seating, and more time riding
A spare key must be carried, hidden in an item that cannot be lost, such as the privacy pocket of a cycling jacket.

If you're riding long distances, bring a small bottle of eye drops and drop a few drops each time you stop to refuel to relieve eye strain.

If you're staying overnight in a town or city and want to leave early the next morning, consider finding the hotel closest to your departure route so you can avoid all morning rush hour traffic when you leave in the morning.

Learn a habit of off-road bikers: bring a backpack hydration bag so that you can rehydrate whenever you are thirsty. Especially in hot and humid areas.

If the itinerary is complicated and the requirements to be dealt with every day are diversified, it is better to write the outline of each day's itinerary on paper before departure and put it in an envelope, one envelope a day. On a new day on the road, you can open the envelope of that day, and you can turn the motorcycle tour into a reality show like AMAZING RACE, and be the protagonist yourself. One adventure a day!

If the saddlebag on the car is not waterproof, use a garbage bag to make a waterproof layer, which is far more moisture-proof than the plastic bags in the supermarket. If you don't have a waterproof cover for your phone, GoPro, navigation, etc. hanging in your car, you can also consider putting on a small transparent plastic bag and tying it with a rubber band before it rains.

Don't forget earplugs. It can help reduce the humming noise of the wind and exhaust when you ride, and reduce fatigue on long rides.

If you have a souvenir you want to buy during the motorcycle tour, but the size is too large, don't hesitate to buy it and send it back with a local express or logistics company. Something with commemorative value is sometimes lost once the opportunity is lost.

Tuck an absorbent rag between the gauges of your goggles, it's great after rain or when you need to clean up any dirt
Bring a few extra straps and bungee cords, and there are bound to be many unexpected uses

If the road conditions in the previous days were not good, check that there are no nails or debris stuck in the tires before departure on the same day. Although many tires are vacuumed with puncture-proof liquid, there will still be small air leaks when they are punctured.

Bring a little more cash and have an 'emergency fund' ready to go in a secret location. Credit and debit cards aren't available everywhere, especially in remote motorcycle destinations.

Also consider a basic Nokia phone in the secret place of cash, fully charged and turned off. You don't know that your expensive smartphone can sometimes mess with you. Small size, cheap price, no need to insert SIM card in emergency

If it is a long-term ride, the veterans of motorcycle tours advise that every 4-5 days of riding must be reserved for 1 day of rest to relieve the heart, make it a non-riding day, and do some other things. In this way, the next riding day will be more motivated to face the next road.

If you don't book a hotel in advance and find your favorite boutique at the destination, you can consider booking directly on Taobao Travel Agency, the price is often cheaper than the counter price.

There are a lot of things necessary for a motorcycle tour. When you stop and leave, remember to look back to see if there is anything left. From time to time we leave gloves, navigation, cell phones, wallets, cigarettes, keys, glasses, etc. in the car and forget to leave. If you are not careful, your belongings may be taken by passers-by, ruining your motorcycle travel itinerary.

If it is time to change the oil in a motorcycle tour, but there is no brand oil that you commonly use in the nearby motorcycle shops, it is recommended to find the best quality oil for replacement.
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