10 handsome ADV motorcycles in 2022

10 handsome ADV motorcycles in 2022
10 handsome ADV motorcycles in 2022
Today, let's talk about the much-anticipated ADV motorcycles. Although there are many ADV models in the motorcycle industry, there are still limited models that can conquer all riders by their looks. 10 motorcycles that are considered to be the most beautiful. Let's take a look and see if there is any model you like (in no particular order)
2022 Moto Guzzi V85TT Guardia D'Onore Edition
In 1946, the Cuirassiers of the Italian Presidential Honor Guard chose Moto Guzzi as the official motorcycle. Since then, as long as the Italian President travels, the Moto Guzzi convoy will inevitably appear. To commemorate this partnership as a government vehicle, Moto Guzzi has launched the 2022 V85TT Commemorative Edition.
The whole car is painted with Guardia D Onore, only for 1946 models; the pattern is in the form of black and white graphics; as a special edition, the package is not the same as the standard model; it is reflected in the higher windshield, and the side color matching cover, and LED auxiliary lights; and each car has a serial number, a total of 1946; and each rider who buys will receive a commemorative box with Moto Guzzi's historical picture album and 100th anniversary stamps and philatelic folders . The engine has not changed, it is still a V-twin cylinder with a displacement of 853cc and a displacement of 90 degrees, with a maximum power of 53KW and a torque of 82NM..
2022 BMW R1250GS
The 2022 BMW R1250GS ADV version is the most handsome in this series. There are not many changes in the appearance of the 2022 model; the main thing is that the electronic control system has been upgraded and adjusted; including cornering ABS, dynamic traction control, riding The driving mode has been optimized, and dynamic ESA (automatic load balancing and automatic damping mode electronic suspension) has been supported; the LED light group has been optimized in terms of vehicle hardware, and the seat heating covers the passenger seat.
The power is still the same boxer engine with a displacement of 1254cc, with a maximum power of 100kw and a maximum torque of 143NM.

2022 Harley-Davidson-Pan America 1250
Harley's Pan Am has given many people a new take on the traditional beak look of the ADV motorcycle. The square-shaped front face is very recognizable by Harley; as Harley's first ADV motorcycle, the whole vehicle has reached the top level in the industry in terms of power and configuration, and the dynamic electronic suspension is suitable for short people. The friendliness of cyclists.
In terms of power, the 1254cc V-cylinder engine produces a maximum power of 112KW and an output of 127NM torque.

2022 Kawasaki Versys 1000SE
Although the attention of Kawasaki's Versys series in the domestic market has been overwhelmed by water birds, Africans and big wild donkeys; but in the international market, Kawasaki's Versys 1000 series is also a very competitive motorcycle, whether it is The hard power of off-road is also the electronically controlled battery life of the vehicle, which is also remarkable.
The power is still a 1000cc inline four-cylinder engine, with a maximum power of 88.2KW and a torque output of 102NM.

2022 KTM 1290 Super ADV
This is the hottest ADV model in the current market. In terms of pure off-road performance, it is stronger than the Waterbird and African Twin; the strong power output and strong multi-terrain adaptability are the biggest advantages of this car. As the saying goes, the road that KTM can walk, other models may not be able to walk. As the flagship model of the KTM family, the 1290 ADV is even more reckless in this regard.
In terms of power, a 1300cc V-twin engine is used, with a maximum power of 118kw and a maximum torque output of 140NM.
2022 Triumph Tiger 900 GT
As an old British gun, Triumph's Tiger series ADV models are not too conceited in appearance. The duck-billed exterior design is matched with red and white spraying, and the performance of the whole vehicle is very brilliant.
In terms of power, the 900cc inline three-cylinder water-cooled engine has a maximum power of 70kw.

2022 Suzuki V-Strom 1050 XT Pro
The Suzuki 1050XT is the most cost-effective public upgrade ADV that domestic riders can buy. In addition to the low price, the biggest feature is that it is native to the island, and it has a great advantage over other models that are often produced in Thailand. However, although this car has a good reputation in China, the sales volume is average, which is really puzzling.
In terms of power, the 90-degree V-twin 1050cc engine has a maximum power of 79KW and a maximum torque of 100NM; the entire parameters are slightly better than the Honda Africa Twin in the public upgrade models.

2022 Yamaha Tenere 700
Although it is not a liter car, the Tenere 700 has received rave reviews in terms of professional off-road performance; with the professional-level configuration of the vertical screen, it has captured the love of many professional-oriented riders.
In terms of power, the maximum power is 54KW and the torque is 68NM.

2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan Gravel Grey
Himalayan is Royal Enfield's medium-displacement motorcycle. As a multi-functional ADV model, the 2022 model uses a new color scheme and upgrades. Among them, the most concerned is the ergonomic upgrade of this car, including improved seat The comfort of the chair, the use of a new windshield, the overall riding comfort has been improved; and the biggest change in electronic control is the use of its own mobile phone interconnection program, the built-in program supports compatibility with Google Maps, realizing The instrument displays turn-by-turn instructions, etc.
The above 10 ADV models with the highest appearance in 2022.
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