10 Best Motorcycles For Long-distance Riding Tour

10 Best Motorcycles For Long-distance Riding Tour

Riders often talk about "riding range," the maximum distance a motorcycle can travel on a full tank of fuel, and it's a common topic. For riders who like to ride for long distances often and like to go alone in no-man’s land, larger capacity of fuel storage means safer riding.
Here's the media's selection of the "10 Motorcycles with the Longest Range" from today's motorcycle industry, in ascending order, and calculated based on their mpg numbers and fuel capacity, which may have what you need .

Kawasaki Versys 650, maximum riding range of 415 km
If you want a range of more than 400km at a time, you need an adventure motorcycle or a touring motorcycle. Kawasaki's Versys has always been the best value all-around adventure motorcycle, and it's been a huge hit since it was first introduced in 2006. The third-generation version came out in 2015, and not only got a better look, but now also has attractive features like an adjustable windshield, remote preload adjuster, and a 21L capacity fuel tank that can easily do over 400Km The cruising range is not bad for the 650cc class.

Honda CRF1100L Sport, maximum cruising range 440 km
Although Honda began to revive the Africa Twin adventure motorcycle back in the late 1980s, an all-new version was first introduced in 2016, with top-notch off-road capability, a great drive and a DCT transmission that was well-received. In 2020, the new 1100 Adventure Sports has 100bhp performance and greatly improved electronic equipment, while the large 24.8L fuel tank has a fuel consumption performance of 57.6mpg and a maximum cruising range of 440km, which is quite good as a liter-level adventure bike.

Honda CB500X, maximum cruising range 445 km
Honda is equipped with a 471cc twin-cylinder engine CB500 series products, which initially include the CB500F sports car, the CBR500R street car and this CB500X adventure motorcycle. It was first launched in 2013. It is a cost-effective small-displacement model with a maximum horsepower of 47bhp. Fuel tank capacity 17.5L. The CB500X is relatively inexpensive, easy to operate, versatile, and more reliable and durable than most of its competitors. Since the 2019 update, all functions have been upgraded, and the Honda CB500X can still be said to be one of the most versatile, light and comfortable small-displacement expedition models.

BMW K1600GT, maximum cruising range 465 km
BMW K1600, six-cylinder super tourer, deserves its place on the list, with a design that, like any other, seeks both speed and sublime comfort. But it ranks a little lower, only 4th out of 10 motos, and a large fuel tank doesn't always yield a lot of range. In fact, the 26.5L fuel tank is already very amazing, but the impact of the six-cylinder 1649cc engine on fuel consumption can be imagined. Still, the K1600 offers luxury and comfort, as well as surprisingly good handling. Including sat nav, heated handlebars and seats, ESA, etc., the specs are pretty plentiful if you can afford it. And most importantly, it has excellent smoothness and 160bhp.

Yamaha FJR1300, maximum cruising range 480 km
Heavyweight Japanese touring motorcycles, in fact, with the models like Kawasaki's GTR1400 and Honda's ST1300 gone, Yamaha's aging FJR1300 is pretty much the only survivor of its generation. In 2020 "Ultimate Edition" form, the FJR dates back to 2001 and has been extensively updated over the years, including a semi-automatic transmission, electronic suspension and LED lights, as well as an excellent four-axle drive setup, and Good handling. As such, it remains the benchmark for large touring motorcycles, and the range is also good, with a 25L fuel tank providing a riding range of 3480 km.

BMW R1250RT, maximum riding range of 528km
BMW's "King of Touring Motorcycles" rounds out the top five, as the updated 2019 ShiftCam 1250 Edition has a large 25L fuel tank and twin-cylinder; axle-drive boxer engine is also frugal, fuel consumption hitting 59mpg. Impressed with luxury, the RT remains the benchmark wagon, and like most other BMWs, your budget dictates the level of luxury and comfort. Its weather protection and luggage are among the best in the business, and its nimble, friendly powertrain has also proven to be perfect for travel.

Ducati Multistrada 1260 Enduro, maximum riding range of 545 km
You wouldn't necessarily expect Ducati's high-tech, high-performance "adventure sports bike" to be on that list, but the arrival of this 'Enduro' version in 2019 changes all that. It's thought to have more off-road and long-travel capability, putting it in more direct competition with BMW's best-selling GS. It comes with a stiffer chassis, including double-sided swingarm and longer-travel suspension, improved electronics, off-road wire wheels, and the huge 30L fuel tank that matters to us. Combined with its claimed fuel consumption of 51mpg, it could theoretically drive 545km.

KTM 1290 ADV, maximum riding range of 547 km
The KTM 1290 ADV,  the biggest competitor to the BMW GS, first launched in 2015 as the flagship of KTM's revitalized adventure motorcycle range, and comes with a massive 30L fuel tank, a combination of hardcore off-road capability and an exciting 160bhp. Its potential range is also up to 547km, and while excellent, its price is also eye-catching, a bit more expensive than the rival GS. In 2017, Super Adventure 'T' appears and coexists with Super Adventure S .

BMW F850GS, maximum riding range of 563 km
The BMW F850GS adventure motorcycle, based on the F800 series that dates back to 2008, evolved into the more powerful F850GS in 2018 with more features. The Adventure version of the car, launched in 2019, is an excellent underrated multi-purpose product, and the 23L fuel tank reaches 563km of cruising range. With 94bhp, the range and comfort are huge compared to similar models. The competitiveness is very outstanding, but it has been left out a lot under the light of GS1200/1250.

BMW R1250GS, maximum cruising range of 633 km
The "King of Long-Distance Tour" BMW GS Adventure was first introduced in 2002. The 'ShiftCam' boxer engine produces 134bhp and comes standard with BMW's latest electronics and TFT screens. If you have a larger budget, you can also get electronic suspension, heated handlebars, quality luggage, and more. In fact, it also includes impressive handling, comfort, and even off-road capability. The oversized 30L fuel tank can drive it nearly 400 miles at a time, taking you around the world with ease. As the king of adventure vehicles, the strength of the R1250GS is beyond doubt.


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