Travel, sports, comfort? This touring motorcycle has everything you want!

Travel, sports, comfort? This touring motorcycle has everything you want!

After Yamaha released the Tracer 900 GT, many people were curious about the difference between this bike and the MT-09. After all, almost the same engine and frame, how much difference will it ride with the MT-09? But after experiencing this Tracer 900 GT, its all-around impressive.

In terms of appearance, Tracer 900 GT and MT-09 are still quite different. Although the headlights both adopt a split design, the larger area of the front still reflects the temperament of a touring motorcycle. The shape of the front of the bike is matched with the windshield, and the whole shape is very sharp, and the line of the whole bike is sharper than that of the MT-09. In addition to the difference in the front of the motorcycles, the shape of the rear has also changed. The seat is designed to be split, and the rear seat area is significantly increased. Considering riding comfort, such a change is also in line with the setting of a station wagon.

Compared with the MT-09, the biggest change of the Tracer 900 GT should be in the sitting position. The elevated part of the handlebar can be clearly seen, which also directly affects the riding posture of the whole bike. Since it is positioned as a touring motorcycle, this bike also has many designs for travel. The windshield is designed to be adjustable in multiple stages with one hand. There is a 12V power supply next to the new LCD meter. If you look closely, you can see two knobs thrown out to adjust the position of the headlights. The two handguards can not only prevent falls, but also play a certain role in keeping warm during riding. The 18L large fuel tank allows this bike to easily travel more than 400km. The rear of the motorcycle is also designed with mounting holes for the original quick-release saddlebags. The addition or upgrade of these hardware makes this motorcycle more travel-friendly.

In addition to hardware, this motorcycle also meets the needs of travel on the electronic control system. 3 power modes, two-stage traction control system is the same as MT-09. In addition, the Tracer 900 GT has newly added cruise control and heated handlebars, which also make travel more comfortable.

When you ride this Tracer 900 GT, you can clearly see the difference between it and the MT-09. Due to the change in the weight of the front of the bike and the adjustment of the sitting position, the front of the bike is more stable when riding. Although the whole bike is not as flexible as the MT-09, it has better stability at high speed. At the same time, the wheelbase is increased by 60mm, which also greatly helps the stability, which is very consistent with the positioning of this motorcycle. A good touring motorcycle does not necessarily have very flexible handling, but more importantly, high-speed stability, comfort during travel, and good driving texture, and this bike just satisfies all these aspects.

However, this motorcycle still retains some of the sporty characteristics of the MT-09, and the front and rear shock absorption can be adjusted. In order to facilitate the adjustment of the rear shock absorption, an external preload adjustment knob has been added. In the case of double load or increased load, the rear shock absorber can be quickly adjusted to achieve the best riding experience, and the shock absorber can also be quickly adjusted according to different road conditions, and this design also allows this bike to have more possibilities . The braking system still uses Yamaha's iconic planetary calipers, and with a well-supported shock absorption system, the braking force and braking effect are very good.

Power is the biggest feature of Tracer 900 GT. Although the parallel three-cylinder engine with a displacement of 847mL is still used, and the power adjustment is almost the same as that of the MT-09, both focusing on the output of medium and low speed, such power characteristics are more suitable on this touring motorcycle. When you cruise in the sixth gear at 3500r/min, not only the power is sufficient, but the vibration and noise of the whole bike are very small, it feels like riding an electric motorcycle; plus the comfortable sitting position and constant speed cruise, you can enjoy the comfort and ease of travel easily. Of course, if you want to experience the passion of riding, this motorcycle can still make you feel the thrill and passion of sports. After all, the maximum power of 84.6kW will not break out until 10000r/min, and this bike is also equipped with the QSS quick-shift system, which is also a sports-oriented configuration. So this "sporty and touring" power design is perfect for this Tracer 900 GT.

This motorcycle also has a thoughtful design that is very pleasing. In the original state, this bike supports seat height adjustment. By adjusting the installation position of the seat cushion, there are two seat heights, 865mm and 840mm, which are very considerate. However, the original windshield is still a little small, and the wind guiding effect is not very obvious when cruising at high speed.

The Tracer 900 GT is more travel-oriented and comfortable than the MT-09. It can be regarded as a travel version of the MT-09, while retaining the sporty characteristics of the MT-09. If you like motorcycle travel, pursue comfortable and advanced riding texture and rich electronic control system, and agree with the appearance of this motorcycle, the Tracer 900 GT can be one of your choices.


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