The most excellent entry-level motorcycle - KTM 390 ADVENTURE

The most excellent entry-level motorcycle - KTM 390 ADVENTURE

What exactly is the KTM 390 Adventure?
The KTM Adventure 390 is a very good motorcycle, with the technical blessing of KTM's Dakar races for many years, adhering to the fine genes of the KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE R, it provides enough configuration to meet the needs of decent riding, and with a unique Style makes for a refreshing experience for commuters.
And, if you want to go on a motorcycle tour, it will try its best to do its job . While it leaves room for improvement in terms of wind and vibration, it's still a great entry-level adventure bike overall. The KTM 390 Adventure is an attractive bike for anyone looking for utility or a long-distance commuter.

Quality and Chassis of Riding

The KTM 390 Adventure is not a rigid rally motorcycle like the Dakar, but is designed with a certain degree of comfort and off-road performance in mind. KTM says it’s all about the very curious, but maybe not used to off-road biker.

The Adventure model differs from the Duke model in that the ADV has longer-travel suspension, the adjustable WP inverted fork has 170mm of travel, the longer rear shock has 177mm of travel, and there’s a larger 19-inch front wheel , which can help the rider to easily cross off-road obstacles. Its tire sizes are 100 / 90x19 and 130 / 80x17. The seat height of 855mm is very unfriendly to Asians, and most people can only touch the ground with their toes. Fortunately, the weight of the motorcycle is light and easy to control.

Equipped with an LED dashboard that is easy to read, a switch on the left handlebar to select Tarmac or Dirt mode, ABS and traction control are also available, not bad for the £5499 price, with Cornering ABS developed by Bosch in partnership with KTM , more suited to KTM's driving style.

The easy action of the quick shifter makes the ride easier, strong acceleration at low speeds makes overtaking a breeze, this well-proportioned motorcycle sits perfectly, with an upright riding position and wide handlebars perfectly combined together.
And the WP APEX 43mm upside-down fork and rear shock work well, each fork leg has its own unique characteristics, with compression damping on the left and rebound on the right, and it’s easy to adjust.


The 390's engine is enough to meet the needs of entry-level, with a peak power of 32kW, a maximum torque of 37Nm, and a dry weight of only 158kg. It is a very suitable tool when encountering complex road conditions in the wild. If there is a problem, A light enough body also makes it easier to get out of trouble. The KTM 390 Adventure is also great for less experienced riders, offering some of the best off-road riding options in its class.

After about two hours of continuous riding, you'll feel that the seat could actually be a little more padded, although it might be possible to increase the seat height further. The factory-standard windshield is non-adjustable, making it a bit tiring, and there are occasional annoying vibrations, mostly caused by the Continental TKC 70 tires, which can only be fixed with retrofits.

Price, rivals and fuel consumption

At £5499, the KTM 390 Adventure is a bit surprising, even a little cheaper than BMW's G310GS (£5320), but not as powerful as Honda's CB500X, which is only £700 more expensive, with a 3bhp increase in overall strength. Meanwhile the 390ADV is also a competitor to the Honda CRF250 Rally, Suzuki V-Strom 250, and Kawasaki Versys-X 300.
In addition, the fuel consumption on the test day was about 56mpg, so the 14.5-liter fuel tank should be able to travel about 250 kilometers.


Smaller and more powerful LED lights on the KTM 390 Adventure, look good and work well, especially still have that cracked face, but the design has been fine-tuned to look striking rather than weird!

In addition to the standard sliding clutch, quick shift, and traction control, another very attractive Akrapovic exhaust is one of the options for the 390 ADV. In fact, the Adventure 390 can provide at least 160 optional accessories. Akrapovic exhaust Chi is just one of them.

The 390 Adventure has the capital to outperform its class, with a slipper clutch and a powerful six-speed gearbox that's perfect for a water-cooled four-stroke 373cc single-cylinder engine. Similar to KTM's larger Adventure siblings, the 790 and 1290 Adventure, the 390 also features LED lights and comes standard with a quick-shifter, which is quite sincere for this class.

In the field of adventure motorcycles, KTM has already proven its strength. When people mention the word Adventure, one of the first brands that most people think of is KTM. And in the adventure motorcycle segment below 500cc, there are really only a handful of models that can threaten the 390 Adventure.


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